Tower of Fantasy Version 2.2 “Mirafleur Moonshade” Coming on December 22!


Developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite have released more details about the Version 2.2 update “Mirafleur Moonshade” of their open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy. This new update will add a brand-new area and a new character Tian Lang on December 22.

A New Area in Mirroria Opens…

The new update opens up Areas B and C of the Mirror City of Mirroria. With the opening of the new areas, Mirroria will have a more cyberpunk and futuristic atmosphere as its unique worldview, and the visual fusion of cyberpunk and oriental aesthetics is a sight to behold.

And new living and entertainment facilities will open up, including Kagamigetsu Street, Villa Garden, Water Mirror District, Cooling Park, Amuse Land, Future Building, Starry Sky Apartment, Kagamigatodo’s Rooms, and Oasis Club, among others. Within the newly added facilities, a wealth of activities will be opened, including car races and card games that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.2 New Character – Tian Lang

With armored gloves that fit the handle of Thunderbreaker to his hands, Tian Lang is Mirroria’s Hidden Card. He’ll be available from December 22 in the new Simulacrum gacha, alongside a rerun gacha with Nemesis!

tower of fantasy version 2 2 img2

Tower of Fantasy Tian Lang Trailer

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