NetEase Games’ For All Time Otome Game is Heading to Japan


NetEase Games announced that its hit otome dating simulation game For All Time will be heading to Japan for iOS and Android. A new promotional video has been revealed alongside the announcement. An advanced play test will also be held between December 23 and 29, but details are yet to be revealed.

First released on October 23, 2020, in Mainland China, For All Time has over fifteen million downloads worldwide with a Korean version released two years later. While the release of a global version remains unclear, the Japanese release certainly gives hope to worldwide players!

For All Time is a romance adventure game in which the heroine has a special ability to transcend time and space. Players will follow her journey to travel between the real world and the parallel world, as well as interact with the ikemen characters!

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For All Time Trailer

About For All Time

The otome romance adventure game has a unique worldview based on the concept of a parallel world. The main character is a female college student at the Faculty of Fine Arts. By going back and forth between many parallel worlds using her special abilities that transcend space and time, you can experience both the real world where you live a heartwarming daily life, and the parallel world that is on the verge of destruction.

In the intersecting space-time, even your familiar friends have completely different personalities. While interacting leisurely at times, and fighting together at other times, players will write their own stories under the theme of “love and salvation”.

For All Time Characters

A known musical genius in the university

For All Time 002

A 2nd-year college student, president of the Student Council

For All Time 003

The heir of a wealthy family

For All Time 004

A 3rd-year college student at the Faculty of Astronomy

For All Time 005

“Your” Guardian

For All Time 006

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