Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link iOS Prototype Test Begins on January 13


Square Enix is getting ready to host a prototype test for its upcoming mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link. The test was previously scheduled for Fall 2022 but had been moved to winter 2023.

Application for the prototype test is available now and ends on December 26, 23:59 [JST]. Unfortunately, the beta test is only available in Japan and to players with an iOS device that is the iPhone 8 Plus or later, and you will need a Square Enix account. The official game will still support Android players when it launches. The test is open to up to 1,000 players.

The test itself begins on January 13, 07:00 to January 18. If you managed to get into the prototype test, you will be notified by email on January 12. To celebrate the test being announced, a new piece of artwork was also released for the game.

KH Missing Link Prototype Test 12 18 22 MV

About Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link

Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link is a mobile action RPG where up to 6 players can join up, battling heartless in either portrait or landscape mode. The story takes place between Union Cross’ finale and the beginning of Dark Road. The gameplay looks to be a mobile version of Kingdom Heart 3’s core mechanics with free-flow combat, spell casting and abilities, with assets and areas taken from that game as well.

From the gameplay, it looks like the game will feature a gacha system for ability statues based on the characters from the game, as you can spot characters using abilities with a small figurine next to them based on characters from Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy like Terra, Donald, Cloud, and more.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link
KH ML Gameplay tease 02
KH ML Gameplay tease 04
KH ML Gameplay tease 05
KH ML Gameplay tease 06
KH ML Gameplay tease 09

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