Digimon World Next Order Unveils New Gameplay Trailer


Bandai Namco revealed another trailer for the upcoming Switch and PC port of Digimon World: Next Order.

Taking the role of a Digidestined, you step into the Digimon world to save it from a virus that turns Digimon into Machinedramon, while encountering a vast array of Digimon, training them to build homes and evolving them over several incarnations to breed the most powerful Digimon!

The gameplay trailer gives us a brief overview of the overall gameplay loop including the various characters we’ll meet in the Digimon World and how you can battle against the greatest threat to the Digimon World.

Digimon World Next Order is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on February 22.

Digimon World Next Order Gameplay Trailer

About Digimon World Next Order

In Digimon World Next order you take the role of Shiki or Takuto, high school students who were once incredibly passionate about Digimon until they grew out of it and began studying for their entrance exams. When reminiscing about their past, they activate the Digivice they received from getting second place at the national Digimon Tournament, and are instead transported into the Digital World!

Here they find out that the world has become infected with a virus that turns Digmon into Machinedramon, a violent being hell-bent on destruction, and it’s up to them to save the Digimon World by battling this threat and destroying the virus at its source.

digimon next world order gameplay 06

Over the course of the game, you will be running around with two chosen Digimon as your partners, exploring the vast world while also keeping your two partners happy and healthy.

digimon next world order gameplay 08
digimon next world order gameplay 09

To do this, in the game you will begin from Flotia, the Town of Beginnings and can recruit, and save other Digimon who will move in here with you. As you gather more inhabitants, you can also upgrade the town with more facilities including a gym, store, restaurant, and other buildings to keep everyone happy and powered up for battle.

digimon next world order gameplay 010
digimon next world order gameplay 012
digimon next world order gameplay 013

Like in life though, everything has a life span and eventually, even your Digimon Partners will pass away. However, since this is the Digital world, you can store their genetic data in the form of an egg, passing it down to its next incarnation with all of its abilities and strengths!

digimon next world order gameplay 016

In combat your partnered Digimon will automatically attack opponents with a flurry of moves. But you can also support them by cheering them on, and issuing commands for devastating attacks, and even combo attacks. If the bond between you and your Digimon is strong, they can perform an Extra Cross Evolution, bringing them together to an ultimate form and unleashing their most powerful attacks!

digimon next world order gameplay 017
digimon next world order gameplay 018
digimon next world order gameplay 019
digimon next world order gameplay 020

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