Senjou no Waltz for Nintendo Switch Will Release on April 13, 2023 in Japan


Idea Factory’s Otomate brand announced that it will release the otome visual novel Senjou no Waltz on Nintendo Switch on April 13, 2023. This title was originally a PS Vita game released in 2014.

Along with the announcement of the release date, pre-orders are also available today. As a pre-order bonus, you can receive a Game Setting and Worldview Booklet that was previously included in the limited edition of PS Vita. The Nintendo Switch version also has a special edition that includes a Bonus Booklet” and a set of seven newly written character message cards.

Senjou no Waltz Official Trailer

Senjou no Waltz Teaser

Senjou no Waltz Story

The story of Senjou no Waltz follows Ran, a girl who suddenly had everything stolen from her. Her hometown, her parents… and in exchange she obtained “power.” She took hold of a sword holding massive power in order to protect herself and those she cares about, the “cursed magic sword.”

Because of her newfound fate, she had no choice but to live on the battlefield. She ended up at an ultra-nationalistic military school known as Nirvana. It was a unique school, a country in its own right gathering boys and girls that excelled in combat. She meets many different people and begins to forge deep bonds. And also, begins discovering where she belongs, a place in the world that she was sure she had lost.

senjou no waltz cg16
senjou no waltz cg14
senjou no waltz cg13
senjou no waltz cg12
senjou no waltz cg11
senjou no waltz cg10
senjou no waltz cg7
senjou no waltz cg8
senjou no waltz cg6
senjou no waltz cg5
senjou no waltz cg2

Senjou no Waltz Character and Cast

■ Ran (Name Changeable) – CV: N/A

senjou no waltz char CUT1

■ Abel – CV: Tomoaki Maeno

senjou no waltz char CUT2

■ Lustin – CV: Kazuki Kato

senjou no waltz char CUT3

■ Pash – CV: Kaito Ishikawa

senjou no waltz char CUT4

■ Nike – CV: Kensho Ono

senjou no waltz char CUT5

■ Tifalet – CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

senjou no waltz char CUT6

■ Wilhelm – CV: Yuichi Nakamura

senjou no waltz char CUT7

■ Cursed Sword – CV: Junko Takeuchi

senjou no waltz char CUT8

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