Run for the Money Reality Show Gets TV Anime in Spring 2023


The official website of Toei Animation announced that the reality show series Run for the Money will be adapted into a television anime under the title Tousouchuu: Great Mission to be broadcast in the spring of 2023.

Run for the Money is a game show that has been broadcast irregularly on Fuji Television since 2004. It is a survival battle game in which runaways can win prizes according to the time they elude the hunters in a limited area in the city, theme parks, shopping centers, and other locations.

Due to its thrilling storyline and great popularity among the Japanese public, it has been broadcast on TV, adapted for the stage, made into a book, and produced and distributed as a Netflix series, among a wide range of other projects.

The TV anime adaptation will take place in a future where humans have migrated to the moon due to changes in the Earth’s environment. The series will feature dynamic action scenes, survival drama, and other original elements unique to the anime in a variety of settings that transcend Japan’s national boundaries and time periods, such as Shibuya, the Edo period, and London. The premiere date and cast will be announced at a later date.

Run for the Money Reality Show Gets TV Anime in Spring 2023

Run for the Money Anime Teaser Trailer

QooApp Tousouchuu Great Mission 01
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QooApp Tousouchuu Great Mission 04
QooApp Tousouchuu Great Mission 05
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Tousouchuu: Great Mission Anime Story

The people living in the lunar colony are excited about a major entertainment survival game, “On the Run” produced by the Chronos Corporation. Those who complete the toughest missions and escape from the pursuing android hunters will win huge bounties and immense popularity, becoming everyone’s admiration.

A boy with outstanding physical ability, Souya Tomura, is also led by fate to step into the survival game that he longs for. Transferred to an unprecedented and spectacular stage, Souya faces the threat of hunters and various other challenges as he and his fellow escapees, all of whom are full of eccentricities, begin to run for real to succeed in their escape.

QooApp Tousouchuu Great Mission 11

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