Outerplane Korean Turn-based 3D RPG Begins Global CBT on January 5


Outerplane, a 3D turn-based Korean Mobile RPG will be getting a global release in the near future. But before that, the game is holding its second closed beta test, with signups for it ending soon!

The closed beta test will be available to both Android and iOS devices, though the game’s minimum requirements ask for a Galaxy S9 or iPhone X minimum to properly run the game. The developers didn’t specify how many players can participate in the CBT on the Android side but stated that 10,000 downloads will be available to iOS users on Testflight, hopefully, that means in total there would be at least 20,000 available slots for the CBT.

Data from the test won’t carry over to the game when it releases, and if you pre-register for the CBT, you will also enter a raffle to be one of 30 lucky winners to get bonus items when the game launches. You can register for the test on the game’s official website by sending them your email address.

Registration for Outerplane’s Closed Beta test ends on January 4 23:59 [UTC], and then the CBT officially begins on January 5 to January 10, 14:00 [UTC].

Outerplane CBT 2 Trailer

About Outerplane

Outerplane is a mobile turn-based RPG developed by VA Games, a small studio formed by the former developers of Closers, a PC anime MMORPG that ran for 5 years.

Set in a fantasy world mixed with automatons and future tech, Outerplane brings its fully-rendered 3D Graphics to life with flashy combat in this turn-based RPG with flashy combat and combo potential as you command your units with a variety of abilities. You can also chain together attacks with the skill-chain feature, using a variety of attacks from your team all at once on a single opponent, being able to chain multiple effects and moves together in a beautiful sequence.

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outerplane cbt2 0 5
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