Blue Reflection Sun Now Available for Pre-Registration; Special Live-Stream Airs on January 19


EXNOA has opened the pre-registration of Blue Reflection Sun, a bishōjo RPG for smartphones and PC via DMM Game Player scheduled to release this winter in Japan. Players can now pre-register for the game on the official website.

In addition to the beginning of the pre-registration, a Twitter campaign is being held until January 12 to reward players with more items that will be distributed after the game is released, and 500 users can win an Amazon gift code worth a maximum of JPY$10,000.

The official website has been fully renewed with the first promotional video introducing the game. A new key visual showing the eight main characters gathered together in an abandoned building has also been released.

It was also announced that an official live stream will air on January 19. The live broadcast will feature the main cast; Emiri Suyama as Shiho Kasuga, Hina Tachibana as Meichi Shao, Iori Saeki as Yukiko Takaoka, and Mel Kishida general supervisor/character designer for the Blue Reflection series, who will present the results of the previously conducted closed beta test, the planned release date, and the latest information.

Blue Reflection Sun Follow & RT Campaign

From January 6 until January 12, the follow & RT campaign will be held on Twitter in which 500 people will win an Amazon gift code worth up to JPY$10,000, as well as pre-registration rewards that will be distributed after the release of the game depending on the number of pre-registered users.

QooApp Blue Reflection Sun RT Campaign0

Pre-Registration Rewards:

■ 50,000 players
Rare stone x 300 (total 300)
UR commemorative flag card x 1

■ 100,000 players
Rare stones x 300 (Total 600)
Shiho Kasuga (Fox Ears & Tail Battle Costume) ★2
Aether x 200,000

■ 150,000 players
Rare stones x400 (Total 1,000)
UR commemorative flag card x 1 (total 2 cards)
Strengthening material set:
Card EXP Fire Clock – Large x5, Card EXP Water Clock – Large x5
Card EXP Wind Clock – Large x 5, Card EXP Earth Clock – Large x 5

■ 200,000 players
Rare stones x750 (Total 1,750)
Shiho Kasuga (Fox Ears & Tail Battle Costume) pieces x 100
Exchange Set:
Colorful Bar Red x 10, Marriage Chopsticks x 3
Outing ticket x 1

■ 300,000 players
Rare stone x 1,250 (Total 3,000)
UR commemorative flag card x 1 (total 3 cards)
Battle Skip Ticket x 20
Strengthening Material Set #2:
Character EXP Drop x5, Weapon EXP Material- Large x5
Card Skill Book x 5

QooApp Blue Reflection Sun RT Campaign

To participate in the campaign, follow the official Twitter account (@BRSUN_game), retweet the campaign tweet, pre-register and get ready for the launch of the game.

Blue Reflection Sun Gameplay

Blue Reflection Sun is a spin-off to the Blue Reflection RPG developed by Gust and was released globally in 2017.

The synopsis of Blue Reflection is based on the Hoshinomiya girl’s high school in modern-day Japan. This time in Blue Reflection sun the world is covered in Ash, a substance that causes irreparable damage to the human body, while the girls also have to fight off vicious monsters by taking on the form of “Reflectors”, powerful magical girls able to wield the elements.

QooApp Blue Reflection Sun 01
QooApp Blue Reflection Sun 02

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