Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Collab Returns with New Awakening Styles on January 10


Ateam’s smartphone RPG Valkyrie Connect will again hold a collaboration event with Cover’s Vtuber agency Hololive from January 10 until February 1. The collaboration rerun will be held simultaneously on the Japanese and Global servers.

In this Awake 1.5 collab event with Hololive, the collaboration characters Pekora Usada, La+ Darkness, Ninomae Ina’nis, and Kiara Takanashi is now available for evolution with additional voiceovers. In addition, users can receive a ticket to select a collaboration character as a log-in reward.

Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Collab PV

Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Collab Awakening

Hololive collaboration characters can now evolve into newly drawn illustration versions. Also when the awakening level reaches the maximum, additional voice lines will be unlocked, allowing you to change the character’s voice to your favorite lines.

Collect Awakening materials for a limited time only and greatly increase the power of Hololive characters through evolution!

QooApp Valkyrie Connect x Hololive 01
QooApp Valkyrie Connect x Hololive 02

Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Collab Login Reward

As a login reward, players can obtain a collaboration character selection ticket to get any of the Hololive characters and for those who already own a collaboration character, soul crystals can be obtained for the selected one.

The collaboration character you can get is in a pre-awakening state, play the event to evolve your Hololive characters!

QooApp Valkyrie Connect x Hololive 03

Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Collab Twitter Kickoff Campaign

To celebrate the collaboration a Twitter campaign will be held until January 31.

Follow the official Valkyrie Connect Twitter account (@vconnect_en) and retweet the target tweet to win a collab-exclusive metallic art print for 3 winners.

Winners will be drawn from the eligible Tweets that follow the campaign details.

Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Collab Livestream

The English-speaking VTuber group Hololive English held a collaborative livestream between Takanashi Kiara and Ninomae Ina’nis on January 10, 2023, for English-speaking players.

Both VTubers talked about various aspects of the event such as: What happened to the gifts given to players in the last collaboration event? what are the highlights of this collaboration?

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