New Dragon Quest Mobile RPG to be Announced on January 18


Square Enix is gearing up for a new Dragon Quest mobile RPG announcement on January 18, after establishing a teaser website for the new title, and official Twitter account!

The new game currently has a “? RPG” genre, with Square Enix keeping a tight lid on the details of the project until next week’s announcement. Details of the game will be revealed on an upcoming live stream on youtube, set to begin on January 18 at 19:00 [JST].

While it’s still up in the air what the game could be, viewers in the stream’s waiting room are already hoping the game will be a new Dragon Quest Rivals. If you have any theories on what you think this new title could be, share them below!

New Dragon Quest Smartphone RPG Stream

About Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is a JRPG series created by Armor Project, Bird Studio, Sugiyama Kobo, the game is published and previously also developed by Square Enix.

Considered the granddaddy of the JRPG genre by many, the series’ influence can be felt far and wide with its introduction of many RPG staples such as turn-based combat, a text-based menu system, random encounters, recurring fantasy monsters, and the Slime, a staple monster to the series and common mob found in many RPGs.

The series was first released in 1986, being around for over 35 years, and still continuing with its latest release being Dragon Quest Treasures on December 9, 2022.

dragon Quest 2023 new game tease 1
dragon Quest 2023 new game tease feature
dragon Quest 2023 new game tease 3
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