[Qoo News] Bravely Oblivion Pre-Registration Begins!



WINLIGHT’s new mobile game Bravely Oblivion (ブレイブリーオブリビオン) has started its pre-registration event today (20th July). Bravely Oblivion is scheduled for released in Summer.


Bravely Oblivion feature has a mythology hero theme and includes an impressive list of voice actors including Chiwa Saitō(齋藤千和), Hikaru Midorikawa (綠川光), Yūichirō Umehara (梅原祐一郎), and more!


As more people pre-register for the game, players will receive more rewards.


5,000 Pre-registered: 50,000 Gold
10,000 Pre-registered: 500 Gems
20,000 Pre-registered: Hero Summon Ticket x1
30,000 Pre-registered: Hero Summon Ticket x3
40,000 Pre-registered: 1,000 Gems
50,000 Pre-registered: 1,500 Gems

Players will be able to obtain up to 3,000 Gems(equivalent to one 10x summon).

Official Webiste

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