Nijisanji Announces Debut of Seven New Vtubers on January 19 and 20


Anycolor’s Japanese VTuber/Virtual Liver group Nijisanji announced that seven new Vtubers will be debuting on January 19 and 20, including Koshimizu Toru, Shishido Akari, Kaburaki Roco, Igarashi Rika, Ishigami Nozomi, Sophia Valentine, and Kuramochi Meruto. Their Twitter accounts were also opened to give a sneak peek at their profiles.

The debut schedule of the seven new members was also disclosed. Don’t miss their debut stream held this week!

January 19 [JPT]
20:00: Igarashi Rika |
20:30: Koshimizu Toru |
21:00: Ishigami Nozomi |
21:30: Sophia Valentine |

January 20 [JPT]
20:00: Kuramochi Meruto |
20:30: Kaburaki Roco |
21:00: Shishido Akari |

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The seven Livers debuting will premiere a video clipping of them all playing a game together shortly after their debut on January 21. Be sure to check out a side of these girls you haven’t seen yet that you won’t see in their first livestream.

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New Nijisanji’s Member Profiles

Koshimizu Toru

Day of birth: June 3 | Age: Over 20 | Height: 159 cm
A hobbyist that goes at her own pace. Likes games and music, but is not interested in interacting with people. Currently obsessed with seaweed stems.

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Shishido Akari

Day of birth: July 31 | Age: 20 | Height: 149 cm
A former kids’ model who is petite and cute. She has been a professional model since she was a child, and she hates to lose. She is easygoing with people she recognizes.

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Kaburaki Roco

Day of birth: July 18 | Age: 18 | Height: 165 cm
An 18-year-old college freshman who is looking for friends to help reopen her favorite local amusement park. On her days off, he wears a costume and distributes flyers at a nearby shopping mall to advertise the park, but sadly, this has not been very effective.

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Igarashi Rika

Day of birth: April 14 | Age: 20 | Height: 152 cm
A girl who is always in high spirits and has a lot of energy. She often goes for walks to find something fun to do. She was born with the mesh in her hair.

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Ishigami Nozomi

Day of birth: October 29 | Age: 2200 | Height: 157 cm
A half-demon half-human who is active on social networking sites as a human.
In reality, she believes she possesses magical powers, and that the bandage on her left arm seals the power of the devil.

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Koshimizu Toru

Day of birth: February 14 | Age: 21 | Height: 153 cm
An otaku who loves the mascot character Korobitto, and she always carries him around with various expressions. She is basically a netbenkei, or in other words, someone who is talkative in text messages, but when in real-life conversations, she is very timid.

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Kuramochi Meruto

Day of birth: May 19 | Age: 21 | Height: 154 cm
A girl who loves cute things. She strives every day to be a girl who looks good in the things she loves. The bear in her hand is called Rene. …Is there a secret tool in her belly?

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