Disgaea 7 Unveils Animated Trailer, Detailed Gameplay and DLCs


Nippon Ichi Software has revealed an animated trailer and detailed gameplay of Disgaea 7, which is scheduled to release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on January 26, 2023. More details on DLC characters and additional content were also revealed.

QooApp Disgaea 7

Disgaea 7 is the latest title in the Makai Senki Disgaea series, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023. The game has many unique systems and is a work that features a deep gameplay experience. Check out the flow of the game, turn-based battles, and the series’ unique elements before you dive into the brand-new story of Disgaea 7!

Disgaea 7 Animated Trailer

Disgaea 7 Basic Game Flow

The basic flow of Disgaea 7 is to advance through the story and clear the battles that follow. As the story progresses, various elements such as character development will be unlocked.

  1. First, the story begins and the events occur. Basically, the story progresses in the order that events occur followed by battles.
  2. After the event, the battle begins. Give your character instructions for actions such as attack and defense, and defeat the enemies.
  3. The stage is cleared when all the enemies are destroyed and the story progresses. You will be able to return to your base to get ready and then the next story will begin.
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Disgaea 7 Story and Events

The main story of Disgaea 7 is a tale of world reformation in which the main characters Fuji and Piririka travel for the overthrow of the Oedo Shogunate. On the road to world restoration, Fuji’s group is faced with a variety of challenges!

Encounters with friends, powerful enemies, betrayal, and lack of money… overcome all obstacles to defeat Shogunate and enjoy the crazy hot story!

*If you want to fight fast, take advantage of the event skip and keep going on!

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Disgaea 7 Gameplay and Combat System

After the event, you will enter a battle. Give instructions to each of your ally characters, and wipe out the enemies by repeating your army and enemy’s turns, and the stage will be cleared! Depending on the battle results, additional rewards will be awarded.

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QooApp Disgaea 7 05
QooApp Disgaea 7 06
QooApp Disgaea 7 07
Disgaea is a typical simulation RPG in which you move your character around a battlefield divided into squares. If you get stuck, don’t worry, there are many systems to help you and make the battle more fun!

Combat – Basic Actions

The basics of combat of Disgaea 7 are “Move +1 Action”. Move close to the enemy to “attack” or run far away to “heal”, control your characters according to the situation!

The main character, Fuji, is the most reliable at the beginning. Deploy your ally characters to support Fuji’s attack!

QooApp Disgaea 7 08

Special Attacks
Magic is useful in many ways, such as striking an opponent’s weak point or attacking from a distance.

QooApp Disgaea 7 09

Lifting & Throwing
In Disgaea 7, you can lift adjacent characters and objects. Moreover, by “throwing” them from a lifted state, you can move long distances or climb to high places! Use the useful techniques “Lifting” and “Throwing” unique to Disgaea 7 to take advantage in battle!

QooApp Disgaea 7 10

Use a wide variety of techniques to face your enemies!
In addition to normal attacks, Disgaea 7 is full of powerful attacks! Use these attacks to inflict massive damage!

Coordinated Attacks
When two allies are close to each other and attack, there is a certain probability that a “Coordinated Attack” will be activated and the damage you deal to your opponent will be increased!

QooApp Disgaea 7 11

Weapon Techniques
As you continue to use your weapon, you will learn more and more powerful techniques called “Weapon Techniques”! The stronger the technique, the more SP (skill points) you need to use it.

QooApp Disgaea 7 12

A new element was also introduced in Disgaea 7. The size of the character becomes so big that it extends off the screen and can attack anywhere in the field and over a wide area.

QooApp Disgaea 7 13
QooApp Disgaea 7 14
If you can’t beat them, raise your level and try again! You will be able to beat even the strongest enemies as you level up! Moreover, as the story progresses, automatic battles will be unlocked, and you will be able to earn experience faster and faster.
Will you be able to earn a lot of experience…!?


Let’s prepare for the next battle at the base!
Fuji and his team’s base of operations are the Demon World Ship. From here, they will set out for various destinations in Disgaea 7.

QooApp Disgaea 7 15

There are various facilities in the Demon Ship, which will be released as the story progresses. Prepare for battle by purchasing equipment, scouting and strengthening your allies, and more.

QooApp Disgaea 7 16
QooApp Disgaea 7 17
“At the base, you’ll be able to shop, organize your army, and more. There are many things to do at the base! You can only save at the base, so don’t forget to do it.”


– General Store: Purchase various items in Disgaea 7 by spending the in-game currency HL.

Demon World Hospital: Recover characters’ HP and SP. When your Hospital use counter reaches a certain number, you can turn the Gachapon to win wonderful prizes.

Dark Assembly: Do various things by spending mana to pass proposals.
Item Shop: Explore Item Worlds, upgrade items, and perform Item Reincarnation.
Quests: Receive quest requests, reports, and rewards.
Data: Check various gameplay-related records.
Ranked Battles: Challenge ranked battles.
Dimension Guide: Choose which Demon world you want to visit and challenge stages.

Scout Shop: Recruit or dismiss generic characters.
Skill Shop: Upgrade special skills and learn Evilities.
Item World Survey Team: If you deposit an item, you can automatically advance through its Item World.
Squad Shop: Assign characters to a Squad. Belonging to a Squad has various benefits.
Juice Bar: Distribute accumulated EXP.
Special Content: Apply downloadable content.

QooApp Disgaea 7 18
QooApp Disgaea 7 19
“There are so many facilities, I’ll lose track~!
Don’t worry, they will teach you how to use the facilities when they open! Later on, we may have new facilities that you don’t see here…!”

Preparation at the base

Create and strengthen your army to your liking!
Once the scout shop becomes available, you can “scout for characters”! You can recruit general-purpose characters such as fighters and wizards by scouting at the scout shop!

You need HL, the currency of the demon world, to collect friends at the “Scout Shop”. Save up enough HL to scout for your favorite characters and build a strong army!

At first, only a few characters can be scouted, but as the story progresses, a variety of characters will be available.

QooApp Disgaea 7 20

Your trained character can be “reincarnated” to become even stronger! When you “reincarnate”, your level will return to 1, but you will inherit the strength of your original occupation.

However, the strength of the original occupation can be inherited. For example, if you reincarnate a Warrior into a Wizard, you can create a Wizard who is good at physical attacks. Repeatedly reincarnating and re-training makes a big difference!

Make the most of reincarnation to create your own unique character in Disgaea 7!

QooApp Disgaea 7 21

Strengthen your items at the Item Shop!
If characters can be reincarnated, why can’t items be reincarnated too? After strengthening items in the randomly generated dungeon “Item World”, try “Item Reincarnation”! Items with amazing abilities may be born!

QooApp Disgaea 7 22
QooApp Disgaea 7 23
QooApp Disgaea 7 24
“In order to reincarnate an item, it is necessary to conquer the item’s item world.
The item world is a slightly mysterious dungeon inside the item. You can challenge it from the Item Shop.”

Disgaea 7 DLCs

Additional DLCs will be distributed for Disgaea 7 in two parts. The DLC will feature original scenarios with well-known characters from the Disgaea series and Fuji’s group.

Seraphine, Axel, and other popular characters who have not been made into 3D characters until now will make their 3D debut!

Additionally, characters beyond the boundaries of the series will appear together in dream scenarios. You can enjoy conversations between characters who have never spoken to each other before!

The Season Pass will include all DLC and the additional character Pleinair as a bonus. There will also be “Boost Tickets” and other consumable items that will help you in your adventures and training.

QooApp Disgaea 7 25

■ Disgaea 7 DLC “The Demon King, The Demon God, and The Sheltered Daughter”

– Characters: Laharl, Etna, and Rozalin
– Price: JPY $1,100
– Release Date: February 2, 2023

Fuji and Piririka arrived after hearing a commotion in the Oedo Demon World. There, Laharl, who had met with an accident on a sightseeing tour, was looking for his lost friends. Laharl gets into trouble with Fuji, who demands money for his help. Then, Piririka’s super good-naturedness kicks in, resulting in a battle with Laharl…!

QooApp Disgaea 7 26

■ Disgaea 7 DLC “Hot-blooded Man, Princess Demon Queen, and Dreaming Girl”

– Characters: Adell, Seraphina, and Fuka
– Price: JPY $1,100
– Release Date: February 2, 2023

Seraphina sponsored the “Battle R♡yale,” a martial arts tournament with prize money of 10 million HL and an assortment of high-grade buckwheat.

QooApp Disgaea 7 27

■ Disgaea 7 DLC “Honors Student, Last Boss, and Ex-President”

– Characters: Mao, Desco, and Axel
– Price: JPY $1,100
– Release Date: February 2, 2023

Fuji is attracted by the poster, “Experimental assistant wanted! 10 million rewards!”. Mao appears in front of Fuji and tells him that there is only one assistant position left and Axel, who says he owed several million HL during his trip, also applies for the part-time job…?

QooApp Disgaea 7 28

■ Disgaea 7 DLC “The Lord of Hell and the Fallen Angel of Love”

– Characters: Valvatorez, Fenrich, and Flonne
– Price: JPY $1,100
– Release Date: February 2, 2023

Fuji and Piririka rushed to the scene after hearing that Pliny was being attacked. There they found Valvatorez and Fenrich, who were passionately instructing Prinny in sardine studies…

QooApp Disgaea 7 29

■ Disgaea 7 DLC “The Kind Devil, the Diva, and the Phantom Thief Angel”

– Characters: Killia, Melodia, and Artina
– Price: JPY $1,100
– Release Date: February 16, 2023

Fuji and Piririka rushed to the scene after hearing the commotion of demons all over town shouting “Happy End!”. Melodia, who was at the center of the commotion, was trying to get her stray loved one to find her by standing out with her signature song. Fuji, who is allergic to human emotions, feels his life is in danger and tries to stop Melodia’s singing by force, but…!

QooApp Disgaea 7 30

■ Disgaea 7 DLC “Zombie Siblings and Angelic Sister”

– Characters: Zed, Bieko, and Sicily
– Price: JPY $1,100
– Release Date: February 16, 2023

Fuji and Piririka rush to find a fight that is going on. There they found a zombie boy, Zed, who was upset that he was banned from taking a bath because he was a zombie.

QooApp Disgaea 7 31

■ Disgaea 7 DLC “The Delinquent, the Curry, and the Female Demon King”

Characters: Raspberyl, Usalia, and Female Laharl
Price: JPY $1,100
Release Date: February 16, 2023

Fuji and Piririka rush to the scene after receiving a report of a demon attacking residents on the outskirts of the Oedo Demon World. There they find Laharl threatening the residents, Usalia making the residents get down on their knees, and Raspberyl getting on top of the residents and attacking them!

QooApp Disgaea 7 32

■ Disgaea 7 DLC Season Pass

– Price: JPY $6,600

The Season Pass, which includes all DLC, is sold at a discounted price. In addition, Pleinair will be given a Season Pass purchase bonus!

QooApp Disgaea 7 33


Convenient consumption items to help you in your adventures will also be available!

– Helpful set for beginners: JPY $0 (free)
– Health bag: JPY $110 yen
– Mana bag: JPY $110 yen
– Boost Ticket 100%: JPY $110
– Boost ticket 400%: JPY $330
– Boost ticket 900%: JPY $550

QooApp Disgaea 7 36

■ Disgaea 7 Digital Deluxe Edition

Price: JPY $10,978

In addition to the standard pre-order bonus “Megane Costume Set”, the Digital Deluxe Edition includes the “Series Costume Set”, which allows Fuji and his friends to wear costumes of popular characters from the past, a “Special Weapon Set” with exclusive weapons, and three boost tickets to help you conquer the game!

DLC “Series Costume Set”

– Fuji, Adell ver.
– Piririka, Fuka ver.
– Wey-yasu, Axel ver.
– Suisen, Mao ver.
– Seefour, Etna ver.
– Ao, Bieko ver.
– Higan Zesshousai, Female Laharl ver.

DLC “Special Weapon Set”

– Melee Weapon “Quick Glove”
– Sword Weapon “Quick Blade”
– Spear Weapon “Quick Lance”
– Bow Weapon “Quick Bow”
– Gun Weapon “Quick Gun”
– Axe Weapon “Quick Star”
– Staff Weapon “Quick Staff”
– Monster ATK Weapon “Quick Claw”
– Monster INT Weapon “Quick Medal”

Boost Ticket

– 900% x1
– 400% x1
– 100% x1

QooApp Disgaea 7 37

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