Princess Arthur for Nintendo Switch Will Release on May 25 in Japan


Otomate has confirmed the release date of Princess Arthur or Nintendo Switch on May 25, 2022, in Japan. A special edition featuring a 72-page book of original drawings including the initial designs of the characters as well as more than a dozen settings and illustrations that were unpublished at the time will also be sold.

Princess Arthur was originally released on the PSP on March 28, 2013. An English version by NTT Solmare Corporation was released in 2016 but has been delisted for some reasons. The story follows Al, a girl who is chosen to be the next queen after pulling the legendary sword. But unbeknownst to her…she discovers love.


Princess Arthur Story

A king has left the world. In this country where for generations the king has been decided by the Holy Sword, a ceremony would be held to select the new king. Out of the many people who sought to draw the Sword, only one succeeded. Neither a knight nor royalty, the person was an ordinary girl.

Persuaded by the legendary magician Merlin, the girl begins to live as the king without understanding anything. It is there that she meets the Knights of the Round Table. The girl stands on a battlefield for the first time in her life. She grips the Sword tightly in hand, still not knowing why it chose her. Tears are in her eyes.

The girl learns what love truly is. Even as several threads of fate entwine around and trifle with her, she will continue to love only one. And so, the girl takes the sword in her hand. To cut open fate for the one she loves.

Princess Arthur Characters

■ Al – CV: N/A

princess arthur character render 2

■ Lancelot – CV: Yuki Ono 

princess arthur character render 3

■ Galvain – CV: Kishō Taniyama

princess arthur character render 1

■ Tristan – CV: Takehito Koyasu

princess arthur character render 7

■ Galahad – CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto

princess arthur character render 6

■ Mordred – CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya

princess arthur character render 5

■ Merlyn – CV: Ryōtarō Okiayu

princess arthur character render 4

Princess Arthur for Nintendo Switch PV

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