Tower of Sky Tower-Stacking Puzzle RPG Launches for Mobile on February 28


MIXI announced a new tower-stacking puzzle RPG game for mobile, Tower of Sky, and it’s coming to iOS and Android devices on February 28!

Tower of Sky is a new take on the puzzle RPG formula, instead of using a match 3 formula of swapping blocks or tapping on them, players have to stack blocks high into the sky to defeat enemies above the ground!

Stack blocks high into the sky as neatly and beautifully as you can to perform devastating cinematic attacks, and most importantly keep your tower upright because the blocks are affected by physics! The game is currently holding a pre-registration campaign, and players on iOS and Android can pre-register from their respective store pages.

Tower of Sky Trailer

Tower of Sky Gameplay

Tower of Sky is a block-stacking puzzle RPG where you’ll build huge towers of elemental blocks by stacking them on top of each other, then defeating the monsters high in the sky! Armed with a unique “Trick” mechanic that helps you determine how blocks are stacked, players can stack blocks as neatly and as high as possible to deal loads of damage.

Be careful though as the blocks are affected by the laws of physics, and poor placement can lead to the blocks wobbling or even collapsing!

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Tower Of Sky Release Date 0 5

The game will launch with more than 60 characters on launch with voice actors like Junya Enoki, Ai Fairouz, and Kugimiya Rie starring as important characters in the title. When you stack blocks neatly with matching colors, you can execute a devastating flashy special attack!

Tower Of Sky Release Date 0 3

The game will even feature online PvP matches, with the goal being to build the tower faster than the other player and finish them off quickly! The game will also hold in-game events for PVP based on how many matches you play, so even if you’re not the best at the game you can still enjoy a ton of rewards!

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Tower of Sky Pre-Registration Campaign

The game’s currently holding a pre-registration campaign! These rewards are cumulative and at 100,000 players, everyone can pick up 9,000 orbs totaling to 30 free gacha pulls at launch!

Pre-registration Milestones:
10,000 Players: 300 Orbs
30,000 Players: 900 Orbs (1200 Total)
50,000 Players: 2100 Orbs (3300 Total)
70,000 Players: 2700 Orbs (6000 Total)
100,000 Players: 3000 Orbs (9000 Total)

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