Street Fighter: Duel Action Card RPG Heading West in February


Street Fighter: Duel, the action-card mobile RPG previously only available in China due to its development by Tencent and Topjoy, is coming to the West now that Crunchyroll Games is handling the project.

The first ever Street Fighter RPG game is coming to iOS and Android Devices, with pre-registration for the game being available now on both devices. Pre-registration and the official website are only viewable if you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and select European countries including the UK.

Pre-registration rewards will be handed out to all players, with the maximum tier being 1,000,000 players, handing out in-game cash, gems, arcade coins, and more.

If Street Fighter Duel sounds familiar at all, that’s because this was the title that introduced the really cool hip-hop redesigns of several classic characters and had the FGC buzzing when the designs were released, so now we’ll get to play with them ourselves when the game comes out later this February!

Street Fighter: Duel Announcement Trailer

Street Fighter: Duel Pre-Registration Rewards

The game is currently holding a pre-registration campaign, with maximum rewards at 1 million players, totaling up to 530 Gems, 34,000 Cash, and a bunch of other items including upgrade fragments, arcade coins, and fighter EXP to help you get started when the game launches.

Pre-Registration Milestone Rewards:
50,000 Players: 3,000 Cash, 20 Gems, 60 B-Grade Fragments
100,000 Players:  5,000 Cash, 50 Gems, 20 A-Grade Fragments
500,000 Players:  7,000 Cash, 80 Gems, Three Arcade Coins
800,000 Players:  9,000 Cash, 80 Gems, One Big Fighter EXP
1,000,000 Players: 10,000 Cash, 300 Gems, Five Arcade Coins

SF Duel Pre Reg rewards

About Street Fighter: Duel

Street Fighter duel is an action-card RPG game. In the title, you’ll be building your team of iconic, new, and original characters. Combine the strengths and attacks of your team as you tap on them to unleash their signature combos, and chain them together for tons of damage!

Collect more than 40 fan-favorite characters including the classics from Street Fighter 2, and more as the game adds original characters and variations.

StreetFighterDuel Crunchyroll Announce 5

You’ll have to find the right team to synergize your combos together while figuring out the best time to unleash them to interrupt the opponent or finish them off before they can even land a hit on you.

StreetFighterDuel Crunchyroll Announce 6
StreetFighterDuel Crunchyroll Announce 7
StreetFighterDuel Crunchyroll Announce 3

The game also features a real-time PVP mode where you can battle other players with the same mechanics in PVE, and you can also team up with your friends in online battles to take the mayhem to even greater heights!

StreetFighterDuel Crunchyroll Announce 10
StreetFighterDuel Crunchyroll Announce 2
StreetFighterDuel Crunchyroll Announce 4

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