N-Innocence Side-Scrolling ARPG Opens for Pre-Registration in North America


Developer Asobimo’s latest project, N-Innocence is getting an English release! The game’s now open for pre-registration in certain regions, with the US and Canada being the latest ones added to the list.

The game came out earlier last year on April 20 in Japan after a brief delay and is a side-scrolling 2D Fighter with cutting-edge 3D CG graphics, and combo-centric combat. You can currently pre-register for the game through its entry on the App Store and Play Store, though as of writing the game currently doesn’t have a global website or seemingly a pre-registration campaign.

About N-Innocence

N-Innocence is an action RPG using 3D Graphics set in a world combining mythology and Sci-fi themes together. The game features several mythologies and gods, taking them on new stories and interpretations, including Norse Mythology, Greek, Japanese, and more.

N Innocence NA Pre Regist 2

At its core, the game is a side-scrolling action game where you can create a party of up to four characters, and battle enemies by tapping on the screen to perform normal, and combo attacks, as well as the gods’ “Kamui” special attack when the attack gauge fills up, performing a cinematic finisher. Being able to swap between four gods lets you chain longer strings of combos and keep the pain coming on your enemies!

N Innocence NA Pre Regist 5
N Innocence NA Pre Regist 3
N Innocence NA Pre Regist 4

N-Innocence Tier List

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