Heaven Burns Red Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Angel Beats! Collab from February 10


Wright Flyer Studios is celebrating the first anniversary of the smartphone RPG Heaven Burns Red with tons of celebration campaigns starting February 5. In the recent livestream “1st Anniversary Party!”, held on its official YouTube channel, more details were revealed about the anniversary celebration campaigns, including the collaboration event with the anime Angel Beats!

Heaven Burns Red x Angel Beats! Collab

From February 10, the collaboration event “Where the Cosmos Keeps Blooming” with the anime Angel Beats! will be held.

Yuri Nakamura, Kanade Tachibana, and Miyuki Irie will appear at the collaboration event, and the visuals will be designed by the Illustrator Yugen to match the world view of Heaven Burns Red.

Many popular songs from the anime will appear in the collaboration, including the opening theme song “My Soul, Your Beats!” by LiSA.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 07

The three new collab characters will be SS [Rain Fire] Yuri Nakamura, SS [Earth Fire] Kanade Tachibana, and S [Your Cosmos] Miyuki Irie.

Heaven Burns Red Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Angel Beats! Collab from February 10
SS [Rain Fire] Yuri Nakamura
QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 09
SS [Earth Fire] Kanade Tachibana
QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 10
S [Your Cosmos] Miyuki Irie

In commemoration of the collaboration with Angel Beats!, various in-game events and campaigns will be held, including a login bonus of 10 consecutive gacha tickets that will guarantee SS [Rain Fire] Yuri Nakamura after 10 days of login, and other events both paid and free.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 11

In addition, several events will be held outside the game, including the sale of original collaboration items, collaboration events by Hololive VTubers, and hashtag-based emojis on Twitter.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 12

Heaven Burns Red 1st Anniversary Gacha

■ New SS characters

From February 5 until March 10, the new SS characters [Night Cruise Attendant] Ruka Kayamori and [Night Cruise Attendant] Yuki Izumi, featuring both in suits, as seen on the cover of the latest “She is Legend” song, will be available.

Both of them have powerful exclusive lightning attribute skills and a passive skill “Lightning Wave” that improves the attack power of lightning attribute skills of all allies, and their skill composition supports each other’s abilities.

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  • QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 03
  • QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 04
  • QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 05

Two 1st Anniversary Premium Packs will also be available in the in-game shop, which contains 20x Gacha Tictets + 10,000 Paid Stone and 10x Gacha Tickets and 4,750 Paid Stone respectively.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 06

Heaven Burns Red 1st Anniversary Update

■ PC Version Controllers

The PC version of the game, currently available on Steam, will support controllers from February 10.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 13

■ New Live Mode feature

From February 24, a new game mode, Live Mode, will be added to enjoy the music from “She is Legend”. There will be three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Scores and ratings are displayed when the game is cleared, and rewards can be obtained accordingly to the score.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 14

On the same day, a Pickup feature will be added to the Archive that will allow users to replay previously held events. During the period, the number of medals earned in event prism battles will be tripled.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 15

■ Main Story Chapter 4 Part 2

The Chapter 4 Part 2 of the Main Story “Frozen Breath and Exploding Emotions” will be available in-game from April 28. The teaser trailer was released in the Official YouTube Channel.

Heaven Burns Red 1st Anniversary Party! Oversea Plans

At the start of the update information corner, it was announced that the Korean version will be released on February 10. The company also plans to advertise in Seoul and Taipei, and will continue to implement the service along with its overseas counterparts.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 16

It was also announced that a reprint pickup gacha of past pickup styles will be held in the gacha. The contents of the gacha will change every two days.

The “Strengthening Instruction Book Level 100,” which allows you to strengthen your character quickly, will be available for purchase. At this time, the required EXP is still being adjusted, and the company plans to continue making balance adjustments based on the assumption that players will continue to raise characters on their own.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 01

Heaven Burns Red Life-Size Figure

A life-size figure recreating the game’s main visual will be exhibited at Shibuya PARCO 5F from February 10 to March 22. In addition, a 1/7 scale figure based on the main visual will be available for pre-order and details of the product will be announced at a later date.

QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 17
QooApp HBR 1 Anniv 18

Heaven Burns Red 1st Anniversary Party! Live-Stream

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