Hololive x Aniplus Collaboration Cafe Opens in Singapore on February 10


The Vtuber agency Hololive operated by Cover Corporation is collaborating with Aniplus to open a collaboration cafe in Singapore!

The collaboration cafe offers menu items from three members of Hololive ID, and five members of Hololive EN including Ayunda Risu, Hoshinova Moona, Airani Iofiteeen, IRyS, Ceres Fauna, Hakos Baelz, Nanashin Mumei, and Ouro Kronii. People who order items from the collaboration cafe’s menu can also get exclusive items and merchandise.

You can also pick up the collab cafe merch separately if you can’t go to the cafe in person, and you can check it out at the cafe’s official website.

The Hololive x Aniplus Cafe will be open from February 10 to April 6 at the Esplanade Mall in Singapore, 8 Raffles Avenue.

Hololive x Aniplus Collab Cafe Menu

Check out the delicious dishes at the Hololive x Aniplus collaboration cafe! Each of these comes with mini illustrations of the hololive member it’s based on, including IRyS’ Potato and Meatballs, Moona’s Cheeseburger, Kronii’s SOUPHOT Tomato Soup, Fauna’s Pesto Pasta, Mumei’s Salted Caramel Cake, Baelz’ Chaotic Parfait, Iofi’s Rainbow Cake. and Risu’s Flower Pot Dessert.

2hololive X ANIPLUS Digital Menu Mains Desserts 640x360 1

There will also be eight drinks featuring the hololive VTubers, each color coded to match that character with various flavors! Which drink would you try out at the cafe if you could go?

2hololive X ANIPLUS Digital Menu Drinks 640x360 1

Hololive x Aniplus Collab Cafe Goods

From weeks 1 to 4 of the cafe, for every order above SGD$15 from the collab cafe, you’ll get a premium set of a random coaster and paper banner for free.

hololive X ANIPLUS premiums coaster 640x335 1
hololive X ANIPLUS premiums paper banner 640x335 1

You can also get bonuses for spending money on merch at the cafe, and if you spend more than SGD$15 at the cafe, you’ll receive a limited edition souvenir such as original stickers, and a special Hologram ticket if you spend even more than that!

hololive X ANIPLUS premiums sticker 640x335 1
hololive X ANIPLUS premiums ticket 640x335 1

The collaboration merchandise is as follows trading badges, acrylic stands, acrylic keyholders, clear files, a mouse pad, mug cups, Washi tape, glitter keyholder, and cleaner cloths. Official prices for the merch and when you can get them will be available when it’s actually released.

hololive aniplus hololive md v2

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