Tower of Fantasy Half-Anniversary Spices Things Up with Giveaways, Mini-Games, and Character Poll


Hotta Studio and Level Infinite’s open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy have released a special video to celebrate the game’s half-anniversary and for players to look back on their wonderful journey in these six months. In addition, the last scene of the video introduces a bit of the new map that will appear in the next update.

A number of limited events are currently being held in-game to commemorate the half-year anniversary! In addition to useful items for the game, a campaign is also underway where you can win a large amount of Dark Crystals!

Tower of Fantasy Half-Anniversary Trailer

Tower of Fantasy Half-Anniversary Login Bonuses

A series of login events will be held to commemorate the half-year anniversary. Just by logging in to the game every day during the event period, you will receive rewards such as Red Nucleus and Dark Crystals and other luxurious rewards!

The login bonus will be divided into two parts: The first part will be available from February 2, and the second part starts today, February 9. All rewards can be claimed by March 1, 2023. In the second part, you can get an SSR Choice Box!

Vote for Your Favorite Tower of Fantasy Character!

A special voting event is now open until February 17th, where players can vote to unlock in-game rewards and win a free limited skin for their favorite Simulacra!

tower of fantasy half anniversary img2

Half-Anniversary Minigames & Events

Three mini-games: Frost & Flame, Fruit Barrage, and Heavy Punch will appear sequentially on the event page of Tower of Fantasy.

In addition to enjoying a wide variety of mini-games, players can spend the event’s exclusive currency at the event store to receive Red Nucleus, an SSR fragment box, and various other limited items.

tower of fantasy half anniversary minigames 2
tower of fantasy half anniversary minigames 3
tower of fantasy half anniversary minigames 1

Furthermore, a Valentine-themed event called Chocolat of Love, where players purchase the necessary ingredients from designated NPCs and cook them according to the recipe to make chocolates. When you present the finished chocolates to the characters, their liking level will increase, granting them rewards!

tower of fantasy half anniversary minigames 4

New Simulacrum: Alyss

The limited frost weapon, Unyielding Wing and Alyss Matrix are now available through the limited-time gacha.

Alyss is a “recruit” of Mirroria Security Force. She once suffered from unexplainable headaches… What kind of past is this young woman hiding…? Players can also accept Alyss’s Simulacrum Mission on the Simulacra page to experience Alyss’s story and find out more.

Half-Anniversary Crowd Creation Project

In commemoration of the major update and the half-year anniversary of Tower of Fantasy, a special half-year anniversary campaign titled Half Anniversary: TOF Crowd Creation Project!

Tweet your TOF-themed creations and if your work is chosen as the winner of the Excellence Award, you will receive a large amount of Dark Crystals and a campaign-exclusive icon frame, as well as a special title and a chance to have your work featured in a character PV.

tower of fantasy half anniversary img1

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