Honkai Impact 3rd Version Kiana Launches on February 16


Honkai Impact 3rd is launching a special version, titled Version Kiana. This special version brings with it the finale to Honkai Impact 3rd’s current storyline, dubbed “Volume 1”.

Captains will be able to meet Kiana as the Herscherr of Finality, and Mei as the Herscherr of Origin. These new powerful versions of the duo who have been with the game since the very beginning, mark the end of their journey from St.Freya all the way to their final showdown on the moon. In addition, the finale comes with special login rewards, and version bonuses, as well as a new event and holiday outfits.

Honkai Impact 3rd Version Kiana launches on February 16.

Honkai Impact 3rd Version Kiana Trailer

Honkai Impact 3rd Version Kiana Hyperion Lounge

New Story

Honkai Impact’s new story chapter, Toward a New Tomorrow, is finally coming out soon, bringing with it the end to Volume 1 of the game’s story. This story chapter also comes with the release of the Estonia in Spring outfit for Stygian Nymph, and the new Train to the Future bridge for captains.

honkai 3rd Version Kiana 01

Honkai Impact 3rd New Characters

With this release comes the Herrscher of Finality, and the Herrscher of Origin. These two can be picked up in the game’s latest gacha and Herrscher of Origin herself can be picked up as a reward from the latest update.

Herrscher of Finality deals fire damage, and Herrscher of Origin deals thunder damage so at a first glance the two seem like they wouldn’t pair well in a team, but actually, when both are on the same team they can special buffs, and debuffs they can apply to enemies, and when they’re paired with Herrscher of truth, they have even more powerful versions of their burst abilities! It’s great to see this final version of the three actually take into account their friendship, with completely unique attacks to this trio.

EN Kiana1
EN Kiana2
EN Kiana3
EN Kiana4
EN Kiana5

Version Kiana Part 1 Events

As part of Version Kiana’s release we’ll also be getting a whole ton of special rewards!

as part of the Part 1 finale, you’ll be able to pick up Herrscher of Origin for free, along with one of her stigmas, Heartfelt Origin which chronicles the key moment from Mei’s life, from meeting Kiana, to joining the world serpents, and meeting the 13 flame chasers. On top of that you’ll be able to grab focused supply cards, crystals, and a bunch of valuable gift boxes from the rest of the version update!

Honkai Impact 3rd

The Bursting Holiday Symphony event is also here, featuring an arcade shooter mini-game that will be available for you to fight with everyone from St. Freya academy, and the Golden Courtyard! New events also include a spending bonus, giving you Herrscher of Flame’s Flowering Luminance outfit, and the Auspicious Dazzle outfit can be purchased using B-Chips.

honkai 3rd Version Kiana 03
honkai 3rd Version Kiana 04
honkai 3rd Version Kiana 05

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