Sega and Yoko Taro Announces 404 Game Reset Mobile RPG Launching in 2023


Sega is collaborating with Yoko Taro on a brand new mobile game titled 404 Game Reset, which will be released on the App Store and Play Store in 2023

The game centers on a sort of meta-narrative where the world has been completely dominated by SEGA, and upon meeting a mysterious entity, the player realizes the truth of the world, and it’s up to them to battle against SEGA to restore the world. Rather than using SEGA’s most recent characters, the game features a cast of some of Sega’s most iconic titles including Outrun, After Burner, Virtua Fighter, and Virtua Cop, with these games being represented as cute anime girls.

The game features character design by Yuugen (ゆーげん) a light novel illustrator who worked on The Legend of Rebuilding World by Realist Demon King, Cross X Regalia, Life Alive!, Outbreak Company, and more.

404 Game Reset Game Showcase

404 Game Reset Characters

The game features you commanding a squad of sega’s most iconic video game series as 3D characters, each fully voiced by famous anime voice actors. There were other game series introduced in the showcase, including Crazy Taxi, but didn’t have full character art shown.

Characters can also have alternate versions called Cathode and Anode, referencing the cathode ray tubes used to give color to old CRT displays and arcade machines.

■ After Burner – CV: Akari Kitou

404 Game REset chars 1

■ Virtua Fighter – CV: Fairouz Ai

404 Game REset chars 2

■ Virtua Cop – CV: Aoi Yuuki

404 Game REset chars 3

■ Outrun – V: Ai Kakuma

404 Game REset chars 5
404 Game REset chars 4

404 Game Reset Pre-Registration Campaign

The game is currently holding a pre-registration campaign with rewards that scale as the pre-registration count increases. at 300,000 pre-registrations, the game will hand out 1,500 Gems, which will equate to a free 10x pull when the game launches.

404 Game Reset Pre Regist

About 404 Game Reset

404 Game Reset is a mobile gacha game where players take back the world from the clutches of the mega-corporation SEGA, which has since dominated the entire world from its infrastructure, to entertainment. Here you’ll be freeing the game franchises under SEGA from its clutches, and begin to take the world back bit by bit, restoring it to its original form.

404 game reset 0 2
404 game reset 0 4

While very little was shown of actual gameplay, we got to see some of the game’s features including its character screen which shows the model of Virtua fighter the functions of leveling up, and grade up which will likely raise that unit’s rarity. The game seems to be a tower defense with multiple waves, and skills you can activate by tapping on the character’s portrait on the right.

404 game reset 0 1
404 game reset 0 3
404 game reset 0 5

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