Otomate’s 9 R.I.P. Coming to Switch on June 29, 2023


Idea Factory’s otome brand Otomate announced that its latest title, 9 R.I.P., will be coming to Nintendo Switch on June 29, 2023 in Japan! In addition, the official website has been opened, revealing the game’s plot, and the love interests you will meet in the game.

9 R.I.P. is a slightly strange “omnibus love ADV” that unfolds in various “other worlds”. The game will have a regular version and a downloadable version, priced at JPY$7,480, as well as a special version priced at JPY$9,680. Pre-orders are also available today.

9 R.I.P. Teaser Trailer

9 R.I.P. Worldview

This town has always been a place where many people get spirited away.
People who are mentally troubled or have big worries are more likely to be forsaken by the gods.

It is the beginning of autumn in the second year of high school. Tamasa Itsuro felt her heart pound where her best friend told her: “I don’t believe that I will spirt away, so I’m fine.”

Yes, she doesn’t believe in it. She was just puzzled because she had a big worry about her career path. But her thoughts change when a creepy voice hovers:

“Let’s look for it. Your path. I am the one who leads you into the darkness,” followed by a series of strange things that no one can explain…

9 R.I.P. Characters & Cast

■ Misa Isshiki – CV: N/A

Otomate's 9 R.I.P. Coming to Switch on June 29, 2023

■ Kureha – CV: Masuda Toshiki

Otomate's 9 R.I.P. Coming to Switch on June 29, 2023

■ Hibiki – CV: Shunichi Toki

9 rip char2

■ Kouyou – CV: Ryota Suzuki 

9 rip char3

■ Sena – CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

9 rip char4

■ Minami – CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto

9 rip char5

■ Seiya – CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana

9 rip char6

■ Yukimaro – CV: KENN

9 rip char7

■ Koharu – CV: Yohei Azakami

9 rip char8

9 R.I.P. Pre-Order Bonuses

■ Pre-Order Benefits
Pre-orders will include a bonus Drama CD “Each World Line, Each Thought”, which contains a story of their secretly wavering and changing feelings. NOTE: Contains spoilers for the main story.

sw yoyaku

■ Special Version Benefits
The special version will include the Drama CD “Gift from God” containing an alternative ending to the main story, and a special booklet by the illustrator Yuuya, and a short story about each route!

sw gentei

■ Store Purchase Benefits
Depending on which Japanese retailer you purchase from, you can obtain additional goodies and merchandise!

9 rip ebten bonus

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