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With the release of Genshin Impact version 3.6 on March 1, the Flame-Mane Dehya has finally arrived and is ready to be unleashed into battle with her trusty Claymore.

Dehya is quite versatile and can fulfill the roles of main DPS, sub-DPS, or as an enabler, helping you to diversify your team composition. With her diverse range of abilities, Dehya has the potential to become a valuable member of any party, and we are here to guide you on how to build her for optimal performance.

About Dehya

Dehya, also known as the Flame-Mane or the Fiery Lioness, is a legendary mercenary and member of the Eremites, a group of martially skilled individuals who ply their trade in the desert. Despite the transient nature of their profession, Dehya’s impressive skills and passionate nature have earned her a place in history.

As a mercenary, she commands a high price for her services, but her abilities make it a worthy expenditure. Compared to inexperienced mercenaries, Dehya is a conscientious professional, making her a prime choice for anyone seeking a bodyguard. However, potential clients must act quickly, as her services are in high demand and opportunities to hire her may be fleeting.

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Recommended Party for Dehya

Dehya is a versatile Pyro character that can even replace the role of shielder in team compositions, making her a valuable support character. However, it’s important to pay attention to her use in teams since she is prone to losing all HP when used as a shield replacement.

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Dehya’s skills make her a great option for teams of Burgeon elemental reactions or Mono-Pyro compositions, as she constantly inflicts Pyro damage to enemies within the area of effect of her skills. While she can also be used in team compositions such as Overloaded, Vaporize, or Melt, previously mentioned teams remain the best option at the moment.

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Mono-Pyro Team

One way to utilize her is to form a Mono-Pyro team, where she can maximize her damage output. Combining her with Bennett and Xiangling can create powerful AoE damage, while Thoma equipped with the Noblesse Oblige artifact set can increase attack after activating his Elemental Burst and protect Dehya with his shields. An Anemo character can also further buff Pyro DMG with skills and the ability to use the Viridescent Venerer artifact set.

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It’s important to note that Dehya’s ability to absorb some of the damage from allies makes it crucial to have a good healer and to be mindful of excessive damage. Having two Pyro characters in the team activates the Pyro Resonance and increases the overall attack.

Activating the last constellation of Bennet, although this is never advisable, can also transform Dehya’s normal attack into Pyro damage, giving her even more presence on the field. When dealing with multiple enemies, it’s important to use abilities to gather them all, such as Kazuha, Venti, or Sucrose.

Burgeon Team

To build an effective Burgeon elemental reaction team, it’s essential to add both Hydro and Dendro characters to cause the reaction. For the Dendro role, Nahida, Collei, and Yaoyao are the best options, as they constantly deal Dendro damage, even when off-field.

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Nahida is particularly useful due to her long-lasting Dendro auras, which make triggering reactions a breeze. Equipping Dendro characters with the Deepwood Memories x4 artifact set is also mandatory to increase the damage caused by Burgeon reactions.

As for Hydro characters, the best options are Kokomi, Mona, and Nilou. The latter is highly recommended since she can reduce the Dendro’s resistance to enemies, although this requires her first constellation. Anemo characters that gather nearby enemies while also spreading and applying Pyro or Hydro auras are also a great option.

Overall, focusing on characters that deal consistent elemental damage and combining them with those who can manipulate enemies’ resistances will result in a powerful and effective Burgeon team.

Best Weapon for Dehya

Choosing the right weapon for Dehya depends on various factors such as the intended playstyle, team composition, and the role she plays within the team.

One of the essential aspects to consider is the stat benefits that the weapon can add, with CRIT Rate %, CRIT Dmg%, and HP% being the most beneficial stats for Dehya. In certain cases, Elemental Mastery can also be a useful stat, particularly in elemental reaction teams.

Beacon Of The Reed Sea

New 5★ weapon designed specifically for Dehya. Its set of abilities complements Dehya’s kit, with a CRIT Rate % that enhances her critical damage radius and reduces the need to obtain it through the artifact set. This weapon is always the best option for her no matter what role she plays in teams.

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The weapon also increases Dehya’s ATK when dealing damage with her elemental ability, which is totally compatible with her, since her elemental ability deals damage even when she is off-field, making it perfect for activating the weapon’s passive ability.

In addition, the weapon increases Dehya’s ATK when she receives damage, which is compatible with her as she receives part of the damage from her teammates even. However, the weapon’s effect is less effective when Dehya is protected by a shield, so it is better not to use Thoma or another shielder in the team if equipping her with this weapon.

Serpent Spine

The Serpent Spine is a good weapon option for Dehya, with its CRIT Rate sub-stat being similar to her signature weapon. It’s a Battle Pass claymore that also has useful passive stacks that increase damage dealt by the user.

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However, Dehya’s kit requires her to take damage from enemies to maximize her potential, which may not be optimal for the weapon’s passive. Additionally, the passive stacks are reduced by one when the user takes damage, which may make it difficult to maintain the maximum number of stacks.

That being said, with careful play and good team composition, Serpent Spine can still be a powerful weapon for Dehya, especially in terms of increasing her damage output.


Akuoumaru is another decent option for Dehya due to its skill passive. This skill boosts Elemental Burst damage for every point of the entire party’s combined maximum energy, allowing for increased Elemental Burst damage.

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This effect scales from the maximum energy capacity of all the characters in the team, so it’s important to pair her with characters that have a high energy cost. Additionally, the ATK% sub-stat of Akuoumaru is useful for increasing the damage output of the user, making it a great stat stick weapon for claymore characters.

Akuoumaru is a great weapon for Dehya, allowing her to deal devastating Elemental Burst damage when paired with high-energy-cost characters.

Luxurious Sea-Lord

Luxurious Sea-Lord is also a great choice for Dehya because it is a Claymore that can greatly enhance her Burst capabilities, with an increased Elemental DMG. Additionally, every time her Burst hits an opponent, there is a 100% chance of summoning a titanic tuna that deals AoE DMG based on the user’s ATK, triggered once every 15 seconds.

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Not only is it a great weapon for DPS, but it is also a great Free-to-Play option, especially for those who played the event to obtain it. This makes it an excellent option for those looking to deal decent damage without investing much effort into obtaining other weapons.

Mailed Flower

As Mailed Flower is not currently available, players must wait for the event to acquire it. However, once obtained, it can be a great choice for Dehya due to its passive ability which increases ATK and Elemental Mastery for 8 seconds after an Elemental Skill hits an opponent or triggers an Elemental Reaction in Burgeon Teams.

The EM sub-stat and passive of Mailed Flower can increase the damage of all Pyro-related reactions, making it an ideal weapon for Dehya in a Burgeon team composition.

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The Bell

Although The Bell is a defensive weapon, it can be a great choice for Dehya, who has the ability to receive damage for her teammates. The Rebellious Guardian passive increases damage while protected by the shield, making it a great choice for her when she’s on the field.

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Additionally, the shield generated by the weapon can absorb damage up to 20% of Dehya’s max HP, providing a good amount of defense. With a 45s cooldown, it can be used periodically to protect her from damage, while also giving her a boost in damage output.

Overall, The Bell is a good choice for Dehya, as it can fully utilize its passive, increase the damage of her skills by increasing her HP and provide additional defense to the team.


Rainslasher can be a great weapon for Dehya, particularly when dealing with enemies affected by Hydro or Electro, as it increases her damage output. Although the effect is situational, it can be useful when dealing with enemies that are affected by these elemental auras.

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The Elemental Mastery sub-stat is also beneficial for Dehya as it can increase the damage of her elemental reactions, particularly when paired with Hydro characters in vaporize and burgeon team compositions.

Even though Dehya’s element is Pyro, the increased damage from elemental reactions can still be valuable, making Rainslasher a good choice for those looking to boost her overall damage output.

Best Artifact Set for Dehya

When building Dehya’s artifact set, it’s important to consider her role in the team composition. If she’s the main DPS in a Mono-Pyro team, then the Crimson Witch of Flames x4 artifact set is recommended.

This set increases Pyro elemental damage when using the elemental ability, with a total increase of 65%. Combining this set with artifacts that increase attack% like Gladiator’s Finale, Vermillion Hereafter, Echoes of an Offering, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, or even Tenacity of the Millelith to increase Dehya’s HP, will boost her elemental damage output.

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In elemental reaction-focused teams like Burgeon teams, the priority should be to increase elemental damage. The Gilded Dreams x4 artifact set is a good option as it significantly increases Dehya’s elemental mastery, which is essential for increasing her damage output.

Combining Gilded Dreams with Wanderer’s Troupe may be an option. However, it’s better to increase Dehya’s HP with Tenacity of the Millelith or increase Pyro damage with Crimson Witch of Flames.

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Whether she’s the main DPS or an elemental reaction character, increasing HP, elemental damage, and mastery are crucial for maximizing her damage output.

As a Main DPS:
■ Sands: ATK%
■ Goblet: Pyro DMG Bonus
■ Crown: CRIT DMG% or CRIT Rate%

In Elemental Reaction-Based Teams:
■ Sands: HP% or Elemental Mastery
■ Goblet: Pyro DMG Bonus
■ Crown: CRIT DMG%, CRIT Rate% or HP%

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