Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List and Reroll Guide


Based on the hit Korean manhwa, Tower of God: Great Journey finally makes its appearance in the global mobile market! The mobile title debuts as an idle real-time RPG with beautiful 2D graphics, allowing the player to follow in Bam’s footsteps as he attempts to reunite with Rachel within the Tower. Players can not only obtain iconic characters from the series but also equip powerful Ignition Weapons to enhance their abilities and make them a force to be reckoned with.

Whether you’re already a fan of the series or looking to get into it for the first time, this Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List will help guide you on who to look out for in the gacha pool! Combat can suddenly end in a blink of an eye, so knowing your allies’ strengths will be a great advantage in defeating enemies.

Tower of God: Great Journey Reroll Steps

With the game’s less-than-stellar Legendary Character rate at 1%, it’s recommended that you reroll in Tower of God: Great Journey to try to make the most of the early game or to obtain your favorite characters! Rerolling in Tower of God: Great Journey is also quite simple, so if you have the time then feel free to reroll until you’re satisfied.

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1.Start Tower of God: Great Journey and select to enter the game as a Guest.
2.Complete the tutorial battles, skip cutscenes, and complete the introduction until reaching Challenge and Summoning.
3.Obtain your 10 Summoning Tickets from the pre-registration rewards.
4.Consume the tickets in the Headon’s Summons through the Regular Banner.
*Note that multi-rolls are discounted, so you only need 9 out of 10 tickets to perform a 10x roll.
6.f you aren’t satisfied with what you obtained, tap the Menu icon on the top right, then click the gear icon to open Settings.
7.Select Account, and then Delete Account; confirm your intent to delete your Guest Account.
8.The game will reset back to the Title Screen. Tap the screen and select to enter the game as a Guest once again.
9.Repeat steps 2 through 7 until you obtain your desired characters!

Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List

SS Tier

[Legendary] Bam

The protagonist himself is available to all players in Tower of God: Great Journey, and is a magical damage powerhouse! With high damage multipliers and the ability to regenerate his HP by dealing damage, Bam is a powerful mainstay for most content in this game. You can even obtain his Ignition Weapon for free, ensuring that any player can unlock his true potential. To top it off, Bam can obtain more stats through the Fate system, ensuring he stays relevant.

Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List and Reroll Guide

[Legendary] Evan

Despite his unassuming appearance, Evan is here to provide support to your heavy hitters. He can restore all allies’ HP, and can further increase the amount of HP recovered through his skills. Not only that, but Evan can increase all allies’ defense for 16 seconds, which is extremely powerful for new players in Tower of God: Great Journey! 

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[Legendary] Hansung Yu

If Bam is pure damage, then Hansung trades some damage for utility. With multiple skills landing several times, and the ability to stun and knock back enemies, Hansung is a Wave Controller to look out for. To top it off, his passive boosts his Magic Damage even further.

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[Legendary] Sachi Faker

To top off the trifecta of powerful magic users, Sachi Faker can inflict additional magic damage if enemies are still alive, especially if they are inflicted with the Bind status from his second and EX skills. If that isn’t enough, the Wave Controller can also inflict Stun onto enemies with the highest Attack and those around them! 

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S Tier

[Legendary] Verdi

Verdi is a jack-of-all-trades supporter, though her main role in battle is to heal her allies. She has an interesting gimmick where she can increase the Defense of all allies and inflict Silence on enemies if she removes an enemy’s Shield. Furthermore, Verdi can also inflict Confusion, which is situationally useful in Tower of God: Great Journey. She is a good party member if you have no need for specialized team composition.

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[Legendary] Yuri Ha

Yuri is here to steal the show, bringing a powerful Stun that affects all enemies in her range! Not only that, but Yuri herself is a powerful Fisherman, bringing powerful Physical Attacks that can also knock back her enemies. Despite her advantages, Hansung Yu performs better in terms of damage, which lands Yuri in the S Tier in this Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List.

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[Legendary] Xiaxia

Xiaxia is a buffer who is well-suited to support allies who deal magic damage, such as Bam and Hansung. She can significantly boost an ally’s Magic Damage while also reducing the damage they take. For general use, Xiaxia can also buff all allies’ Critical Rates. However, she requires her Ignition Weapon to truly shine, as she will be able to buff all allies’ Attack Speed with it equipped.

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[Legendary] Yihwa Yeon 

Yihwa is a Fisherman who can inflict damage over time on enemies alongside her strong magic damage. Her Burn debuff scales off her Attack, so it’s important to improve this stat to shred enemy HP in no time flat. A word of caution; Yihwa can only be obtained from her rate-up banner as of this moment, so you will need to play Tower of God: Great Journey for a bit to earn the currency needed to attempt to summon her.

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[Legendary] Hwaryun

Hwaryun is a Wave Controller who will definitely be loved by any damage dealer, as she can lower enemy Defense by using her skills! Her bread and butter is her EX Skill; though it has a long cooldown, not only does she reduce her enemy’s Defense by a certain amount, but she further decreases it by at least 15%; with some investment, she can set up any damage dealer to quickly delete troublesome enemies.

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A Tier

[Legendary] Beta

Beta is an attacker designed to overwhelm enemies with fast, powerful physical attacks. He can buff his Physical Damage and Attack Speed with his skills but doesn’t bring anything else besides raw damage, lowering his priority to other shiny legendary characters in Tower of God: Great Journey.

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[Legendary] Reflejo

Reflejo is a weaker version of Hwaryun, inflicting physical damage and Defense down on enemies he faces. He isn’t bad by any means, however. 

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[Legendary] Viole

Viole is another character accessible to all players once they complete the Revolutionary Road. Unfortunately, his skill set took a hit to reflect his status as a free unit. His skills simply inflict Magic Damage on all enemies, and his first skill Stuns the furthest enemy from him. He isn’t bad by any means, but he struggles to stand out among the many Magic Damage dealers in this game. 

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[Legendary] White Heavenly Mirror Khun

As a healer, this version of Khun pales in comparison to Evan with his single-target healing and single-target Attack Down debuff. What he does provide is the ability to prevent the action-control status from applying to allies, but this isn’t relevant in the early game and has a short duration. Like Yihwa, Khun cannot be obtained in the standard banner and is only available in his rate-up banner at this time.

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[Legendary] Khun Ran

Khun Ran is another magic damage dealer that inflicts the Electrocution status onto enemies to deal damage over time. However, his damage output is lower than Yihwa, so be wary of using Khun Ran over her.

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B Tier

[Legendary] Urek Mazino

Urek’s skill set is aimed to reduce as much oncoming damage as possible and direct attacks toward himself, solidifying his role as a tank despite being in the Fisherman class. Unfortunately, without a way to restore his own HP or cleanse harmful status effects, Urek is underwhelming as a defensive unit.

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[Legendary] Green April Anaak

Anaak is a simple physical damage dealer who focuses on defeating the enemy with the highest Attack while buffing her Critical Rate. However, she will need to Transcend several times to stand out, as doing so will significantly improve her skills and allow her to buff her Critical Damage as well.

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[Legendary] Hunter Rak

Rak is a simple physical damage dealer who struggles to stand out as he doesn’t provide any additional effects. If you are looking for a character who inflicts Physical Damage, there are many other options in the gacha pool that can provide more to the team than Rak.

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What Do You Feel About Tower of God: Great Journey?

Tower of God: Great Journey brings some stunning anime cutscenes and CGs that help enhance the manhwa’s story, but the game borrows some outdated practices that can negatively impact player progression, like gating equipment enhancements behind a decreasing probability and low amounts of F2P gacha currency during the honeymoon period.

If you’re looking for a game to casually play on the side and you’re new to the series, then Tower of God: Great Journey might be worth a try. Otherwise, players already familiar with the manhwa or want highly engaging combat will need to look somewhere else. 

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