The Eminence In Shadow: Master of Garden Launches Rose of Garden Chapter on February 23


The Eminence in Shadow mobile game, Master of Garden is launching a new auxiliary chapter featuring Rose Oriana and Lambda coinciding with the last episode of the anime’s first season.

This auxiliary chapter adds a new version of Rose Oriana or No.666 as she joins Shadow Garden, and Lambda is also coming as a playable character. Both of these characters can be picked up in the game’s gacha, with Rose being a powerful damage dealer and Lamba rightfully fulfilling her role as a supporter by buffing allied damage.

The Rose of Garden Auxillary chapter launches on February 23.

Auxillary Chapter: Rose of Garden Trailer

Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden New Characters

Two new characters are joining Master of Garden, this time it’s No.666 and Lambda! These two are joining and have a special auxiliary chapter, and happens to coincide with the show’s final episode when Rose finally joins shadow garden, abandoning her name and love for Cid to find a new purpose. The auxiliary chapter explores more of Rose’s training under Lambda and is a nice way to keep up with the characters a little more while we wait for season 2.

Rose serves as a powerful red-colored damage dealer with her skill being focused on a single target, while Lambda is a strong tank that can also buff an ally’s damage by 400% use these two characters in tandem to create the perfect boss-killing team using reds!

■ No.666 Rose Oraiana – CV: Haruka Shiraishi

The Eminence in Shadow
Master of Garden Chapter Rose 02

■ Lambda – CV: Ikumi Hasegawa

Master of Garden Chapter Rose 03
Master of Garden Chapter Rose 04
rose of garden chapter 0

New Lambda Pack

As part of the new chapter, you can also pick up an event package from the premium shop, granting you Lambda and her SS weapon! You can also purchase a pack with some more gems and another copy of her weapon if you get lucky grabbing Lambda!

rose of garden chapter 0 1 1

About Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden

The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden is an auto-battling 3D RPG where you can select a team of up to five characters to face off against enemies of the series in a side-scrolling battle.

Characters automatically perform basic attacks, however, during battle they will build up a meter that will allow them to perform special skills such as healing, taunts, buffs, or other vicious attacks! Proper timing when executing these abilities can make or break your runs as you deal with waves of enemies, and even huge boss fights!

Also during battles, a combo meter will build up based on how well you can chain together attacks and abilities. When the meter fills up you can perform a devastating strike combo with your teammates, during which time you can tap on each character to get a special bonus, with the characters later on in the combo receiving an even stronger buff!

Eminence in shadow master of garden launch 0 2
Eminence in shadow master of garden launch 0 6

The game features including PvP modes, a chat room, along with a story mode based on the events of the anime rendered in 3D and with several 2D shots from the anime! You can also have intimate talks with the characters you have collected, which are all fully voiced and lets you learn more about some of your favorite characters from the series!

Eminence in shadow master of garden launch 0 5
Eminence in shadow master of garden launch 0 7

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