Anisong Singer Maon Kurosaki Passes Away at 35


As announced by the staff on her Twitter account, Maon Kurosaki, a Japanese singer, and songwriter who was also a part of the band Altima, passed away at age 35, on February 16.

The singer died due to declining health after her chronic illness got worse. This comes after the singer collapsed on stage during a live-streamed performance in September 2021, and had to get emergency surgery for an epidural hematoma. The staff also announced that a quiet ceremony had been held by her family following her passing and that the announcement was only made afterward as per their wishes.

About Maon Kurosaki

Maon Kurosaki was an anisong singer and a huge fan of anime and gaming. She cited the band Evanescence as a source of inspiration for her band’s songs and said she has long wanted to make songs for anime series.

Maon Kurosaki rose to fame when she performed the ending theme song to Highschool of the Dead, and then her first two singles were used as the ending theme songs to A Certain Magical Index II, those being “Magic∞World”, and “Memories Last”. She later released the single “More Strongly” in November of last year, which became the ending theme song for the Reincarnated as a Sword anime series.

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