Uncharted Waters Origin Launches Globally on March 7


LINE Games released a new cinematic trailer for Uncharted Waters Origin, and towards the end of the trailer revealed that the game will be coming out on March 7 [UTC+9] globally!

Create your own fleet of ships in the 16th century Age of discovery and explore the high seas, and the land throughou the world. Battle other fleets in the open seas and engage in trad ni this sandbox RPG that commemorates 30 years of the Uncharted Waters franchise. The game almost reached its maximum pre-registration goals, previously exceeding 700,000, and if it manages to exceed 1,000,000 players, everyone will get an Amateur Admiral Chest!

Uncharted Waters Origin will be available on Steam, iOS, and Android devices with crossplay enabled on March 7 [UTC+9]

Uncharted Waters Origin Cinematic Trailer

Uncharted Waters Origin Pre-Registration Rewards

The game’s pre-registration is still ongoing, and the game’s already exceeded 700,000 pre-registrations in less than two weeks since it opened! As of writing the only reward remaining is the Starter Admiral Box sitting at 1,000,000 users, and you can help the game reach that goal by pre-registering for it on its official website if you haven’t already.

Pre-Registration Milestone Rewards:
100,000 Players: Shipbuilding Acceleration (10 min) x10
300,000 Players: Espadachin’s Armor (B)
500,000 Players: Prepared Admiral’s Cloak (Limited)
700,000 Players: Golden Hansa Cog x1
1,000,000 Players: Amateur Admiral Chest

Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date Pre Regist

Uncharted Waters Origin Worldview

The year is 1522. Many European nations were competing with one another. The stage for this competition was none other than the sea.

They became more powerful by finding new continents and forming allied ports as they traveled across the seas.

Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date 05

Portugal, located at the end of Western Europe and on the outskirts of the Iberian Peninsula, turned their sights to the ocean early on because of the geographical difficulty in exerting their influence in the Mediterranean.

Likewise, their neighboring rivals, Spain, created an invincible fleet known as the “Armada” in order to aggressively expand their influence in both the Mediterranean and the ocean.

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England also invested their royal funds and raised their national power for dominance over the seas, which was already controlled by Spain and Portugal. And the Ottoman Empire began to expand its influence in order to keep the European powers in check.

The passion to explore the unknown, the desire for endless riches, and the power to enrich the nation’s glory. For their own reasons, numerous people begin to set sail into the vast oceans.

Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date Feature
Uncharted Waters Origin Release Date 011

Uncharted Waters Origin Gameplay

Uncharted Waters Origin is a sandbox RPG that takes you through a recreation of the world scaled to 1/320 of its size, with detailed weather conditions and historical data mapped for maximum accuracy. You’ll be able to commander your own vessel and fleets throughout this world governed by 8 national powers. You’ll be able to visit up to 200 ports, 60 villages, and over 300 battlegrounds, while dealing with 20 types of weather conditions.

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As you play through the game you’ll also be able to bring your 2D character out into the world, engaging in solo activities like fishing, base building, land exploration, and more while exploring the game’s rich narrative featuring historical figures from the 15th to 17th century.

QooApp Uncharted Waters Origin 04
QooApp Uncharted Waters Origin 05

The game will also feature a real-time trading system between markets across the globe. As certain items and resources become more widely availabl, supply and demand will shift at a moment’s notice. Manage your supplylines and products to take advantage of this ever shifting market!

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QooApp Uncharted Waters Origin 07

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