Goddess of Victory: Nikke Begins Bow Wow Paradise Event on March 15


Goddess of Victory: Nikke will soon be ending its Chainsaw Man collaboration event, and in place of that will be the Bow-Wow Paradise event bringing in a mini-story event, and the SSR Biscuit.

The event also comes with a new Permanent Costume for Centi, the Supreme Holiday outfit, a 7-day login event for free goodies, new character packages, and the Mfr.Eqpt Selection Pack to let you buy T9 select Manufacturer equipment for your Nikkes.

The Bow Wow Paradise event begins on March 15.

Bow Wow Paradise Event

The Ark may be one of humanity’s last bastions of civilization, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for man’s best friend, and unfortunately, a mass of dogs has escaped from their shelter, and it’s up to Biscuit to get them all back!

The Bow Wow Paradise event is available through the event page, and you’ll be completing stages to earn event items which can be used to exchange recruit vouchers, skill enhancement materials, and more!

Nikke Bow Wow Paradise Event 0 3

Nikke New Character – Biscuit

Biscuit is here! As part of the event the non-limited SSR character Biscuit will be added to the game, and as usual, she’ll be added to the game’s ordinary recruitment after this special recruitment ends.

Biscuit is a Burst 2 Nikke with the ability to repair broken cover from up to 2 allies, and when a defender ally is low on health, she grants them a buff that causes them to be invulnerable for 5 more seconds, perfect for PVP! She can also grant buffs to attacker and supporter characters by increasing their crit rate and helping them restore HP.

Nikke Bow Wow Paradise Event 0 4
Nikke Bow Wow Paradise Event 0 1

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