Jack Jeanne Adventure Game Now Available for Mobile in Japan


The adventure game Jack Jeanne, which was released by Broccoli back in 2021 on Nintendo Switch, is getting a mobile port on Google Play and App Store in Japan! Players can download the app and play the prologue for free, then purchase the full scenario for JPY$1,200.

The mobile port of Jack Jeanne is designed specifically for players to enjoy the story, meaning that the training simulation part and rhythm game segments have been removed. Any endings that relied on the parameter changes by the training simulation segment will automatically consider the best-case scenario. The UI and system of the game are also redesigned to best suit the mobile platforms.


The otome game with character design by Tokyo Ghoul’s creator Sui Ishida follows Tachibana Kisa, a girl attending the prestigious Universe Drama School male-only academy, where the students play both male and female parts, referred to as Jacks and Jeannes respectively. There, she must conceal her secret while fighting her way to the top.

Jack Jeanne Screenshot

Jack Jeanne Mobile Features

Based on the Nintendo Switch version, the UI and controls have been adjusted to make it easier to play on smartphones, and some features such as a large increase in the number of save slots and an auto-save function have been added.

jack jeanne mobile img1
jack jeanne img 1

Mobile shortcuts include tapping to confirm and advance dialogue, double tapping for auto mode, tapping with three fingers to bring up the log. Holding a tap will skip dialogue, and swiping left, right, up and down will display the menu, quick save, quick load and hide the window, respectively.

jack jeanne mobile img2

Lastly, you can play the entire story from the prologue to the end of the “rookie performance” in which the main character performs on stage for the first time for free. Once the rookie performance finishes, you’ll be prompted to purchase the full scenario.

jack jeanne img 0009

Furthermore, purchases are tied to your Google Play Account on Android or your Apple ID on App Store, so even if you change devices, your data will be synced to your account. (Note that you must login with the correct account in order for the data transfer to work, or else you won’t be able to continue!)

jack jeanne mobile img4
jack jeanne img 0008

Jack Jeanne Opening Movie

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