Solo Leveling Anime Unveils Teaser and Winter Premiere


The anime based on Dubu’s web manhwa series Solo Leveling released a new teaser, and visual, and announced that the series will be premiering this winter!

The teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of our main character Sung Jin-woo when he starts off as a weak E-Rank hunter, until he mysteriously is given the power to see quest-like objectives, and is able to level up becoming infinitely stronger! The new teaser also shows us a shot of Sung Jin-woo laying on the D-Rank Dungeon’s altar.

  • Solo Leveling Visual 1
  • Solo Leveling Visual 2

Solo Leveling Teaser Trailer

Solo Leveling Anime Teaser 03
Solo Leveling Anime Teaser 02
Solo Leveling Anime Teaser 04
Solo Leveling Anime Teaser 05
Solo Leveling Anime Teaser 06
Solo Leveling Anime Teaser 07
Solo Leveling Anime Teaser 08
Solo Leveling Anime Teaser 09

About Solo Leveling

In a world where humans possess magical powers and have to battle monsters daily to protect the human race from being extinct, a weak hunter named Sung Jinwoo, has to struggle for his life daily at the bottom of the food chain. But one day, he is chosen by a mysterious program called the System and is granted the rare ability to level up his stats beyond any limits. With his newfound power, Jinwoo sets out to fight enemies from monsters to man, and uncover the truth behind his powers.

Solo Leveling was first serialized in Kakao’s digital comic platform in July 25, 2016, and received over 2.4 million readers on the website. The game is also receiving a mobile and PC game by Net Marble.

solo leveling anime 002

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