Anonymous;Code Launches In the West on September 8


The latest entry in the Science Adventure multimedia franchise, Anonymous;Code released a new trailer revealing the game’s release date, and that the game’s getting an English dub!

The game also revealed the cover art for the game’s steelbook physical edition which was previously hidden, and it was drawn by Character designer Haruhisa Nakata. The game’s theme song, “GAME OVER” is also getting an English version performed by Kanako Ito.

The game launches in North America and Europe on September 8, for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

anomyous code english trailer 01

Anonymous;Code Release Date Trailer

About Anonymous;Code

In 2037 on the outskirts of Nagano, Tokyo lives a hacker named Pollok Takaoka whose been making a living as professional hackers with his best friend Cross Yumikawa, wherever the world wasn’t affected by the “Sad Morning” computational disaster which resulted in parts of the world being destroyed by satellites misfiring WMDS.

One day Pollon decides to head outside and meets a girl called Momo in a place where no one’s supposed to enter, just as soon as he meets her they are chased by unknown assailants looking for her. During the escape Pollon receives the ability to Save and Load through an app, which lets him relive moments in life similar to a video game while retaining his memories.

While this is happening the mysterious hacker Cicada 3301 organizes a series of impossible quests, and Pollon is thrown into a series of numerous plots that could shake the very fabric of the world. It’s up to him to hack, save, load, and rewrite the world’s future into one that can lead to its salvation.

anomyous code english trailer 02
anomyous code english trailer 03
anomyous code english trailer 04
anomyous code english trailer 05

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