Solo Leveling: Arise Mobile Game Unveils English Website, Characters, and Features


It’s been a little while since we got an update from Solo Leveling: Arise, the mobile game based on Chugong and Dubu’s (Redice Studio) web manhwa, of the same name, but recently the game just opened up its official website in multiple languages, including English.

Solo Leveling: Arise’website gives us a few new details about the game including its characters, what looks to be a team-based game mode, army construction, challenge gates, and boss raids just like in the manhwa. The website also gives us a look at some of the game’s concept art, which shows several new angles of iconic locations in the Solo Leveling web series from the highway gate to the double dungeon, Ingris’ hall, high orc dungeon, and more.

Solo Leveling: Arise is coming globally for PC and Mobile devices in 2023.

Solo Leveling: Arise English Promo Video

Solo Leveling: Arise Characters

Solo Leveling: Arise revealed the 10 characters from the series on its website, with these being the game’s first featured characters, each with their own short profiles describing their abilities.

One interesting distinction however is currently only three characters have specific Dossiers about them which go further into their backstory before the web manhwa series and how they awakened, and those are Sung Jin-Woo, Baek Yoonho, and Cha Hae-In.

■ Sung Jin-Woo

A special hunter who can “level up”.After the Double Dungeon Incident,
this former E-Rank hunter gained access to a “system” that helped him become more powerful. Though once nicknamed The Weakest Hunter of All Mankind, he now has the ability to turn the dead into his Shadow Soldiers.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 6

■ Baek Yoonho

The guild master of the White Tiger Guild and an S-Rank hunter. Originally, he was one of the four founding members of the Fiend Guild. After parting ways with them, he took guild members from his previous Guild to found the White Tigers. He has an ability called “Beast Transformation,” which allows him to transform into a frightening Magic Beast.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 9

■ Cha Hae-in

The 9th S-Rank hunter discovered in South Korea and the vice guild master of the Hunters Guild. She was the strongest hunter in South Korea before Sung Jinwoo made his debut. Due to her special ability to smell mana, she goes about life with a handkerchief covering her nose. She is fascinated to discover that Sung Jinwoo is the only hunter she’s ever encountered with a pleasant scent.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 1

■ Lee Joohee

A timid B-Rank Healer and a member of the Hunters Association. She had no intention of becoming a hunter but gave in to a fellow staff member’s persistent badgering. She does hunting work as a volunteer, so she only participates in low-difficulty raids to help the weaker hunters.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 10

■ Park Haejin

A Mage-type hunter in the White Tiger Guild. Thanks to her unmatched survival
instincts, she always knows which choice will keep her alive. She and Sung Jinwoo were both involved in the Red Gate incident.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 8

■ Kang Taeshik

A surveillance agent with the Korean Hunters Association
Surveillance Team. Unexpected “accidents” always happen when he’s dispatched, and the criminals he monitors often get caught in these “accidents” and die.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 7

■ Yoo Jinho

The second son of Yoo Myunghan, the president of Yoojin Construction. Jinho befriended Sung Jinwoo through a twist of fate and several raids. He is one of the few people that Sung Jinwoo fully trusts.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 5

■ Choi Jong-In

The guild master of the Hunters Guild, the best Guild in South Korea. He’s been nicknamed “The Ultimate Hunter.” This S-Rank Mage-type hunter mainly uses his Fire Magic, which can burn down a building faster than the blink of an eye.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 4

■ Lim Tae-Gyu

The guild master and founder of Korea’s very first guild, the Fiend Guild. Though the guild was once extremely reputable, its status deteriorated when Baek Yoonho separated from them and gained power, at which point new hunters overtook the guild. His main weapons are Magic Arrows, made of concentrated magical energy.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 3

■ Kim Chul

An A-Rank Tank and a rising star in the White Tiger Guild. He has great confidence in his abilities, but he’s simple, and ignorant, while also being an A-Rank Tank and a rising star in the White Tiger Guild. He has great confidence in his abilities, but he’s simple, ignorant, and superficial.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters 0 2

Solo Leveling: Arise Concept Art

Since the Solo Leveling: Arise is based on the same worldview as the original series, players get to explore the various dungeons, gates, and gates that Sung Jin-Woo and the other hunters encounter during their journey, as they collect money and magic crystals while defeating monsters.

The website released a bunch of shots of iconic locations and dungeons in new stunning angles that weren’t seen in the original series with new lighting and art renditions, such as the double dungeon now being lit with hints of cyan rather than being completely deep blue.

Solo Leveling Arise World Concept art 0 4
Solo Leveling Arise World Concept art 0 3
Solo Leveling Arise World Concept art 0 6
Solo Leveling Arise World Concept art 0 5
Solo Leveling Arise World Concept art 0 1
Solo Leveling Arise World Concept art 0 2

Solo Leveling: Arise Gameplay Features

Given that it’s based on Solo Leveling, the game will let you progress through Sung Jin-Woo’s story and other characters in the same way as the series, with a few minor adjustments to fit the RPG genre.

Sung Jin-Woo will be able to level up and learn new skills while attacking dynamically. As you progress you can also earn new weapon combinations that you can equip him with, along with new types of gear to create your own version of this iconic character.

SAL Features 2

As you fight through enemies you can of course also extract their shadow to add them to your own army. Given that you aren’t bound by manhwa logic, you can extract shadows from whichever new enemies you face, letting you customize your army. Shadows can also be called upon for certain special attacks, calling upon them to breathe fire or unleash a combo.

SAL Features 4

Solo Leveling: Arise will also feature challenge gates and boss raids, and while you can choose to tackle them solo, you can also take them on with a group of friends or other hunters online, forming various tactics and strategies to beat the dungeon boss and claim your rewards!

SAL Features 1
SAL Features 3

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