Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Unveils Remaining World Detective Organization Members


Spike Chunsoft released a new trailer for the lucid-noir detective game, Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, this time revealing the remaining members of the World Detective Organization, the faction that Yuma Kokohead is allied with.

This time the trailer introduces us to Halara Nightmare, Aphex Logan, Pucci Lavmin, Vivia Twilight, and the head of the WDO, Number One. Out of all of these characters, Number One is the only character to not have their profile up on the game’s website, and so the trailer reveals their voice actor being Akira Kamiya in Japanese, and SungWon Cho in English, also known by his online pseudonym ProZD.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code launches for the Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe on Jue 30.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code WDO Trailer 2

World Detective Organization Remaining Cast

The following are the characters featured in this trailer, most of their cast was already revealed on the website, however, Number One is the character yet to be revealed until today.

■ Number One – CV: (EN) SungWon Cho, (JP) Akira Kamiya

Master Detective Char PV2 08

■ Halara Nightmare – CV: (EN) Amber Lee Connors, (JP) Yui Ishikawa

Master Detective Char PV2 04

■ Aphex Logan – CV: (EN) Stephen Fu, (JP) Showtaro Morikubo

Master Detective Char PV2 05

■ Pucci Lavmin – CV: (EN) Lindsay Sheppard, (JP) Yui Horie

Master Detective Char PV2 06

■ Vivia Twilight – CV: (EN) Aleks Le, (JP) Yuichiro Umehara

Master Detective Char PV2 07

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Gameplay

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is set in a futuristic city covered in Neon Lights and stranger characters, the Kanai Ward. Rain seems to fall endlessly in this city, and it has its own culture with several areas embodying different looks and people. The city is also home to a megacorporation that controls much of the happenings in the city behind the scenes.

You play as Yuma Kokohead, a young man waking up in a storage room with no memory of who he is or his role. His only clue is a notice sending him to the Kanai Ward via the Amaterasu Express.

master detective archives rain code 012

master detective archives rain code 05

Along his way is interrupted by Shinigami, a manifestation of death Haunting YUma that only he can see when she’s a spirit, but can materialize as a young girl. Itching to solve mysteries with him, she grants him new powers that let him see into the insight of crimes and the ability to battle Mystery Phantoms in order to unveil the truth.

QooApp Master Detective Archives Code Rain 1

QooApp Master Detective Archives Code Rain 2

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