One Step to the Future! QooApp’s “Project Q” AAAAA Online Game Transports You to the New World!


While game master Akihiko Kayaba created the titular virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game Sword Art Online in 2019, QooApp takes the gaming industry to the next dimension with Project Q, an advanced project that transports you to a whole new world, and all you need is a smartphone!

A Click to the Future QooApps 22Project Q22 AAAAA Mobile Game Transports You to the New World

Since its establishment in January 2014, QooApp has been a one-stop platform integrating the player’s community, game media, and game stores. To provide a more diverse and unique experience for our fellow gamers, we step into the game development field! Breaking through every boundary of the world, we invite you to take on an epic adventure in another world!

A VR headset is NOT needed! This AAAAA masterpiece mobile game “Project Q” takes you to the Isekai simply with your smartphone!

Our development team is working their asses off for the project

While the game is currently in development, we are glad to announce that 87% of the game’s development has been completed! As we’re experiencing some technical issues, there’s no guarantee that each player will arrive in the same world!


But if you can’t wait to enter this brand-new world, join our one-day exclusive beta on April 1, which allows you to enter this extremely risky yet exciting world in advance! Adventurers who are lucky enough to return to the real world and share their experience with their otaku friends can receive 10 QooApp Gacha Tickets on each trip!

And of course, don’t fret if you fail to return to the real world! Life will find its own way out, and you can restart your life in another world (…a better option maybe?)

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Don’t miss this rare opportunity for an unforgettable adventure! We look forward to meeting you in another world!

And good luck getting back to the real world…


2023.04.02 00:00 Urgent Report!

Our QooApp game development team found that there were too many gamers (our editors included) stranded in the other world and couldn’t find the way back home! The beta period of the game has been extended to April 30, 23:59:59, please take your time to experience the game! We hope you can get back to the real world asap. 

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