BanG Dream! GBP EN is Getting an Exclusive Hololive Collab on April 15


BanG Dream! Girls Band Party announced on its official Twitter account that the game is holding an exclusive collaboration with the Hololive VTuber agency. While details of the collaboration have yet to be released, the collaboration is going to be exclusive to the English Version of the game, and it starts on April 15!

This isn’t the first time BanG Dream! has collaborated with Hololive, as it held its previous collab with the agency on August 26 featuring Minato Aqua, Shirakami Fubuki, and Tokino Sora. This time though the collab is going to be exclusive to the English version of the game as part of its 5th-anniversary celebration, leading many to speculate that this will debut members of HoloMyth, or CouncilRyS to BanG Dream! for the first time.

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About Hololive English

Hololive English is an English brand of the Hololive Vtuber group founded by Cover Corp. The group currently consists of 10 members, with Tsukumo Sana, a member of the Hololive Council graduating on July 31, 2022.

The members of Hololive English embody a variety of quirky personalities and traits, from Calliope Mori’s rap skills, Gawr Gura’s infectiously cute personality, Amelia Watson’s gamer rage, Kronii’s obsession with sandwiches, and many more. These talents can often be found on their youtube channels playing games, talking to their chat, drawing, or singing live on stream.

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