Idoly Pride Global is Now Available for Pre-Registration


As the new publisher for Idoly Pride’s global version, Neowiz just opened up the game’s new global website, while also revealing that the game is now open for pre-registration.

Contrary to what you’d expect, the game is not having a pre-registration campaign, rather it will be launching with a host of rewards to all players including 3,000 Red diamonds, 30 casting tickets, and two ★5-star casting tickets. You can pre-register for the game via its official website anyway for Android users, while iOS players will need to wait a little longer.

The game is also regularly releasing short videos featuring the many groups of Idoly Pride, featuring the girls from TRINITYAiLE, LizNoir, Sunny Peace, Moon Tempest, and Mana Nagase, which you can view from the game’s youtube channel with these being available on English, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

Idoly Pride launch rewards global

Idoly Pride Mana Nagase Trailer (English)

About Idoly Pride

Idoly Pride is a Japanese multimedia idol-themed project by CyberAgent’s subsidiary QualiArts and is a property that has been adapted into multiple media including two manga series, a TV anime, and the phone game, developed by QualiArts, and is now being published by Neowiz in multiple regions.

The mobile game is an idol management simulation game where you take on the role of a manager supporting idols from Hoshimi Productions. As you play you’ll be talking to the girls, helping them train, sending them out on fan meetups, and helping them coordinate their performances before taking it onto the big stage.

Idoly Pride Pre REgist Now 0 1

Idoly Pride Pre REgist Now 0 2

You can train your idols in various aspects from their vocals, dancing abilities, and visual appeal to help figure out their best traits when it comes to performances and bring them to the top. As you interact with them you can also take photos of their various performances and daily activities to share with others and keep as memories.

Idoly Pride Pre REgist Now 0 3

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You can also give these girls counseling over the phone, answering their questions and giving them advice on how to better prepare themselves. Each idol has their own problems and questions for you to answer, letting you learn more about their various quirks!

Idoly Pride Pre REgist Now 0 5

Idoly Pride Pre REgist Now 0 8

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