Fortnite Adds Attack on Titan Weapons and Characters on April 11


The long-awaited update latest anime update is finally here, as Fortnite is collaborating with Attack on Titan bringing in new character outfits and two special weapons from the series!

Mikasa Ackerman and Captain Levi are now available in the game’s item shops, and you can also pick up the Eren Jaeger outfit from the Battle Pass. On top of the game’s also been updated with new locations such as the Jaeger’s family basement, and the new weapons including the ODM gear and Thunder Spear, designed for taking out humans and Titans alike!

The content is available as part of Fortnite Battle Royale v24.20, and you can enjoy this new content after the update.

Fortnite x Attack on Titan Trailer

Fortnite x Attack on Titan New Outfits

Coming to the game are Captain Levi, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Jaeger! You can pick up Captain Levi and Mikasa from the game’s item shop for a price, and if you want to pick up Eren you can now complete new Attack on Titan-specific quests, in the “quests” tab of the battle pass.

Captain Levi when purchased also comes with the Transformation Serum Back Bling, and Mikasa Ackerman comes with the Ore Light Back Bling.

fortnite captain levi mikasa ackermann and eren jaeger outfits 1920x1080 30889dfd07a7

fortnite captain levi outfit 1920x1080 1be55d5cfab4

fortnite mikasa ackermann outfit 1920x1080 93bf796fc946

Aside from these two characters, you can also purchase the Cloak Back Bling. When purchased you can head to your locker to change which emblem is displayed on the back, so you can rep your favorite regiment from Eldia!

fortnite regiment cloak back bling 1920x1080 735e7944a0f9

As part of the battle pass you can also receive a bunch fo new accessories and emotes, including the key to Grisha’s basement, the Scout’s Regiment pose, and a new pickaxe modeled after the War Titan’s crystallization power.

fortnite battle royale v24 20 update 1900x600 29e134feb244

fortnite erens faceoff spray and titan strike pickaxe 1920x1080 84671a98ba39

fortnite eren jaeger outfit and accessories 1920x1080 aad11e1108f0

Fortnite x Attack on Titan New Weapons

New to the game are three new powerful weapons and tools! Darted around the map are new Scout Regiment Footlockers, which can drop the Omni-Direction Mobility Gear from the series, letting you grapple into the air and close the gap to your opponents with the built-in blades!

You can also pick up the powerful thunder spears introduced later in the series, which act as powerful arm-mounted rockets that can penetrate structures, and deal damage to enemies in front of, and behind the wall!

fortnite odm gear 1900x600 75cee380597e

fortnite thunder spears 1900x600 2cddcb8942a3

Fortnite x Attack on Titan Quest Rewards

Whether you’ve purchased the battle pass or not, the game’s also adding new Week 5 quests to test your skills with the aforementioned Thunder Spear! Complete the upcoming Trigger Happy Trials to unlock the Scowling Levi emoticon, and complete th Week 5 quests to unlock the Courageous Mikasa Spray.

fortnite courageous mikasa spray and scowling levi emoticon 1920x1080 aa6d8767499a

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