Dolphin Wave Celebrates Half-Anniversary with Free Daily Gacha Pulls and New “Visiting Diorama” Feature


Honey∞Parade Games’ Dolphin Wave “Jet Battle” mobile/PC game is celebrating its half-anniversary on April 20 with a bunch of new campaigns. The game’s main story part 1 officially comes to an end bringing the story to its climax.

Apart from the login bonus that gives away UR character guaranteed gacha ticket, players can also pull the Half-Anniversary Commemorative Daily Free Gacha every day! A system update also goes live adding a new “Visiting Diorama” feature for you to interact with other coaches (players)!

Dolphin Wave Half Anniversary PV

Dolphin Wave Half Anniversary Login Bonus

To celebrate the Half Anniversary of Dolphin Wave, all players will be getting a [Half-Anniversary UR Dolphin Guaranteed Gacha Ticket]! This ticket will get you a random UR from a list of all URs released until March 10’s update.

dolphin wave half anniversary 13

In addition, players can get up to 1500 M-Stones by logging in during the half-anniversary period!

dolphin wave half anniversary 15

Dolphin Wave Half Anniversary Free Gacha

The Half Anniversary Commemorative 1 Free Gacha per Day, which allows you to draw a gacha once a day for free is now available! You can draw the gacha once a day for free up to 28 times during the period!

dolphin wave half anniversary 14

Furthermore, several special missions where you can get luxurious rewards are also available, offering M-Stones and more!

dolphin wave half anniversary 16

Dolphin Wave Half Anniversary URs!

The Half Anniversary Commemorative Gacha will be held from April 20. This gacha will feature UR Iruka (Half Anniv.) and UR Michiru (Half Anniv. Uniform), both sporting new outfits, as well as new memories!

■ UR [Half Anniversary Uniform] Sakimiya Iruka

dolphin wave half anniversary 7

■ UR [Half Anniversary Uniform] Michiru Tojo

dolphin wave half anniversary 8

UR Memory [Together as a Team]
SSR Memory [To Win Against My Rival]
SR Memory [Alcohol! Dreams! Course!]

dolphin wave half anniversary 9

New “Visiting Diorama” Feature

A new feature known as “Visiting Diorama” has been added. With this feature, you can visit the dioramas of other coaches who have registered dioramas for you to visit!

In the diorama you visit, you can see their dolphins’ outfits, accessories, poses, diorama backgrounds, and more! You can also Favorite the dioramas you have visited and send Likes to them.

dolphin wave half anniversary 10

But that’s not all, because the Diorama function has been greatly overhauled. The range of camera angles has been expanded, and the Dolphin girls can now be rotated and moved. You can also add special effects to make your Diorama truly feel special and unique!

dolphin wave half anniversary 11

dolphin wave half anniversary 12

Dolphin Wave League Battle

A new League Battle – Season 1 – will be held starting April 20. The League Battle is a quest to battle with other coaches’ dolphins and earn victory pts to raise your league rank.

dolphin wave half anniversary 1

By earning Victory Points, you will be rewarded with cumulative rewards and rewards for increasing your league rank. There will also be a store where you can exchange League Medals obtained from League Battles for items useful for gameplay, so challenge League Battles every day to obtain Victory Points!

Dolphin Wave Boss Event

The [Strongly Winded Decisive Match] Boss Event is held between April 20 to May 31. In this event, Boss Medal (Wind Speed) earned from the limited-time boss battles can be exchanged at the special store for various rewards such as event-limited SSR dolphins and dolphin strengthening materials. Collect as many medals as possible to win rewards!

dolphin wave half anniversary 3

■ SSR Event Exclusive Reward: [Tuxedo] Serena Ruiz

dolphin wave half anniversary 2

Dolphin Wave Half Anniversary Diorama Contest

A Diorama Photo Contest will be held on the official Twitter account to celebrate the new diorama function of Dolphin Wave. Entries will be started to be accepted in May, and further details about the competition will be revealed via the official website & Twitter at a later date. Winners will receive gorgeous prizes!

dolphin wave half anniversary 4

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