404 Game Reset Adds Virtua Fighter Cathode and Scenario Event on April 28


404 Game Reset has started its first scenario event and released the game’s first limited character, this time featuring the character and game series Virtua Fighter.

Voiced by Fairouz Ai, this event features the talented martial artist virtual fighter in an event full of challenges, and the event material Junk Items, that can be used to exchange various rewards, as you farm stages for this event currency. The event also has new event quests and boss battles. Beating the event quests will grant you the Cathode version of Virtua Fighter.

404 Game Reset’s Virtua Fighter event begins on April 28 and ends on May 19.

Virtua Fighter Cathode Event 0

404 Game Reset Virtua Fighter Event

About 404 Game Reset

404 Game Reset is a “Shooter-like” mobile gacha game where players take back the world from the clutches of the mega-corporation SEGA, which has since dominated the entire world from its infrastructure to entertainment. Here you’ll be freeing the game franchises under SEGA from its clutches, and begin to take the world back bit by bit, restoring it to its original form.

As you play the game you’ll meet several characters from multiple video game franchises brought to life, including those from Sega’s own line of games hoping to liberate the world from its creators, including Afterburner, Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter, Outrun, and many more.

404 game Reset Launch date gameplay 0 1

404 game Reset Launch date gameplay 0 7

The game is a 3rd person shooter reminiscnet of early bullet-hell games with you controlling a character to move around the screen as they automatically fire at enemies. As you control one character you can also bring 4 support characters along with you that have their own weapon types and special abilities that can heal, buff, or deal damage to bosses while keeping the screen frozen.

404 game Reset Launch date gameplay 0 5

404 game Reset Launch date gameplay 0 4

404 game Reset Launch date gameplay 0 2

404 game Reset Launch date gameplay 0 3

404 game Reset Launch date gameplay 0 6

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