Arknights Episode 11 Return to Mist is Available Now


Arknights has added the 11th episode of its story, Return to Mist, as part of the Londinium Victorian Empire saga to the game.

The new story chapter introduces new mechanics, a story featuring Siege and new characters, and introduces new operators such as Stainless, Dagda, Trotter, and Paprika. Several skins are also making a return for a limited time, and like with new story episodes being added, the game currently is running the limited-time drop event, in which playing story and farming stages have a chance to grant you Rhodes Island Supplies, and Emergency Sanity Samplers.

While Episode 11 is a permanent addition, the game’s Encourage event will be available from April 27 to May 11, 03:59 [UTC-7].

Arknights Return to Mist Official Trailer

Arknights Return to Mist Introduction

Return to Mist is finally here, and the Arknights keeping this story chapter fresh with new mechanics and gimmicks, this time in the Twigs That Crave mechanic and Allerdale’s guard.

During these story stages, certain enemies called Twigs that Crave will appear,, totems that deal Necrosis damage around it when their HP is below 50%. If your operators take enough Necrosis damage they become silenced, and take continuous arts damage, making this a deadly debuff you want to get rid of with certain healer operators.

To combat this you will also have Allederdal’e guards, special deployable that can give surrounding allies a shield that can absorb up to 1,000 damage.

Arknights has also introduced many more tough enemies to deal with, each with unique gimmicks you’ll have to account for as part of your strategy, including the deadly Londinium Mobile Defense Artillery. Completing these main theme stages will complete the Book of the Tower Knight, which will give you a free copy of Dagda.

Arknights Episode 11 0 1

Arknights Return to Mist New Characters

Along with the release of a new story chapter is of course new operators, and this time we’ll be getting the new 6-Star Support unit Stainles and more characters!

The Boarings and Sparks banner will leave on May 11, 03:59 [UTC-7], at which point Stainless and the rest of these new operators will join the non-limited Headhunting roster.

Arknights Episode 11 0 9

■ Stainless – CV: Jack Ayres (EN), Takuma Terashima (JP)

Arknights Episode 11 0 8

■ Paprika – CV: Erika Harlacher-Stone (EN), Yu Sasahara (JP)

Arknights Episode 11 0 6

■ Dagda – CV: Eleanor Bennett (EN), Shiki Aoki (JP)

Arknights Episode 11 0 4

■ Totter – CV: Mercer Boffey (EN), Chikahiro Kobayashi (JP)

Arknights Episode 11 0 2

Arknights Witch Feast Series Outfit Set

The Witch Feast Series outfit set is here, bringing new fancy and flashy clothes for Lee, Iris, and Kazemaru. You can pick up these outfits now until May 18, 03:58 [UTC-7]

■ Trust Your Eyes Lee

Arknights Episode 11 0 7

■ Mirror Visitor Iris

Arknights Episode 11 0 5

■ Like Illusion Kazemaru

Arknights Episode 11 0 3

Arknights Returning Outfits

Along with those outfits, several outfits are also getting their return for the next two weeks! You can pick up new clothes for your operators from the Shining Steps outfit set, and from both sets released during the first, and 2022 Ambience Synesthesia concert.

Unlike the Witch Feast Series outfits, these go away on May 11, so if you haven’t picked up the ones for your favorite operators here, Episode 11 will be a good way to pick up Originium Primes to grab at least 1 outfit.

Arknights Episode 11 0 10

Arknights Episode 11 0 12

Arknights Episode 11 0 13

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