Fall Guys Season 4 Creative Mode Lets You Build Your Own Level from May 10


Fall Guys has been bringing something exciting every season and this time, a major feature has been added to this world-hit battle royale game in the form of a build-it-yourself Creative mode!

Coming out on May 10, this new Creative mode allows players to make their dream obstacle course levels and share with others with a share code that brings others to their custom lobbies.

According to the recently released Creative Construction trailer, players will have to choose a Fall Guys theme before they’re able to choose obstacles. It may well suggest that certain pieces are locked to specific themes to prevent some potential problems with things that could cause round-breaking with obstacles that negate each other.

Developer Mediatonic mentioned that “most” objects include adjustable properties – so you can change an item’s color, change the number of doors on a door wall, pick a conveyer belt’s direction, and so on – with the key restriction coming from the building “budget”. Essentially, this limits how much you can place in a level, with different objects having different “costs”.

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The Creative mode indeed is the same one the studio is now using to make official levels. As such, Fall Guys’ Season 4 “Creative Construction” will include 50 new in-house rounds throughout the season, and that’ll be in addition to a weekly curated list of the best player-designed stages.

Mediatonic will also change the Season Pass system this season and will now offer shorter Fame Passes instead. Each season will now feature multiple Fame Passes, each costing less than the previous pass system — the first Fame Pass for Season 4 will include six “iconic costumes” to earn, as well as additional costumes and cosmetics to unlock after you’ve completed the Fame Pass.

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As many games with level editors like Fortnite also had to launch without the robust feature, Fall Guys Creative mode may see some issues with the launch of its own custom builder. Hopefully, it will get fixed through a future patch.

Fall Guys is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Fall Guys Creative Construction Announcement Trailer

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