Fan-Made Hololive Fighting Game Idol Showdown is Available Now on PC


After 2 years in development, the fan-made Hololive fighting game Idol Showdown is now officially for players on PC via Steam!

Featuring an 8-character starting Roster, Idol Showdown is a 2D fighting game with a simplified control scheme akin to games like DNF Duel and Granblue Fantasy, based on the Hololive VTubing agency’s talents! Fight as the members of Hololive in this passion project with an assortment of special attacks, tons of references to Hololive and its fanbase, create collabs, and more with the game’s implementation of Rollback Netcode and twist on single-player!

Idol Showdown is available now for download on PC Via Steam, and the game is already celebrating over 200,000 downloads and 10,000 concurrent players!

Idol Showdown Available Now 200k

Idol Showdown Official Trailer

Idol Showdown Characters

Check out the game’s starting roster of characters, including fan favorites from across multiple generations of Hololive!

■ Tokino Sora

■ Hoshimachi Suisei

■ Aki Rosenthal

■ Shirakami Fubuki

■ Nakiri Ayame

■ Inugami Korone

■ Kiryu Coco

■ Shishiro Botan

About Idol Showdown

A free unofficial fan game based on the Hololive brand of Vtubers, created by fans for fans. The game is a 4-button fighting game with Punch, Medium, Heavy, and Special Attacks, with shortcuts for other commands such as grab, collabs, and a Burst mechanic.

Idol Showdown Available Now SS 1

Idol Showdown Available Now SS 2

Idol Showdown pays heavy homage to Hololive, with stages, characters, and easter eggs from the world of Hololive, as you battle it out against players and AI using your favorite Vtubers. The game uses a Rollback netcode to ensure smooth online play, and also has an Arcade, versus, training, and a Virtual Frontier mode that lets you use various items based to gain an edge on your opponent!

Idol Showdown Available Now SS 3

Idol Showdown Available Now SS 4

Idol Showdown Available Now SS 5

Idol Showdown Available Now SS 6

Idol Showdown Available Now SS 7

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