RPG Maker Unite is Out Now on Unity Asset Store


Gotcha Gotcha Games has released RPG Maker Unite, a software that allows budding programmers to make their own RPG game from scratch. This new version of RPG maker can be obtained from the Unity Asset Store with new new features under the Unity framework.

The program goes for a standard price of USD$99.99 but is currently offering a 10% new release discount. While the discount is only for single-user licenses, and if you need a multi-user license, it is priced at USD$299.97.  A Steam release is currently in the works with an unannounced release date.

The Maker series is a game development software that dates as far back as the 1990s. Gotcha Gotcha Games has released multiple engines fitting different developer needs such as RPGs, Visual Novels, Action Games, and so on , but those utilized their own engine limited the things that you could do. Until now, thanks to Unity, which is a relatively easy-to-understand framework, you can do a lot more and let your imagination soar!

RPG Maker Unite Impression Trailer

RPG Maker Unite Features

If you are still new to coding, then don’t worry! RPG Maker Unite features a series of default assets and a generic database of items, magic, skills, characters, monsters, etc. are registered as preset data. By simply customizing based on the preset data, you can create your own unique RPG!

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Gone are the modal-window based approach and replaced by a more streamlined UI akin to the Unity engine, where most of the information is displayed simultaneously and can be edited in real time to allow for better work efficiency while staying easy to use! And because RPG Maker Unite is built on top of Unity, your RPG can be easily developed to be compatible for mobile and browser platforms!

rpg maker unite screenshot1

In addition, the brand new Outline Editor is an assist tool that can give users a bird’s eye view of the various chapters of the entire game to help manage complex stories and scenarios! Setting proper parameters and finding game balance is also a breeze, thanks to the Auto-Guide feature, which will compute parameters such as Enemy & Equipment status, and auto-fill for you at the click of a button!

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In addition to traditional tilsets, in RPG Maker Unite users can use images as maps and set collision, and quickly place “Large Parts” such as buildings and trees onto maps! Map making is now more fun than ever while looking much more beautiful! Users have also access to much more detailed and varied animations than ever!

rpg maker unite screenshot4

rpg maker unite screenshot6

Up until now, you could only play the sample games that were included with the engine. But now, the default sample game is all yours to edit with! You can use it as the base template of your new game, as a reference to practice, or just do fun stuff to it…let your imagination soar!

rpg maker unite may 9 1

There are two types of modification methods: the add-on method, which does not rewrite source code, and the source code modification method via the Unity editor, which can be flexibly adapted to the user’s knowledge level and objectives. You can even code in languages such as C#!

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Early Bird Bonus

Alongside the 10% Discount bonus, those who purchase RPG Maker Unite and sign-up through a form on the official website can be eligible to obtain the Mob Character DLC set, which adds several new assets for you to use as NPCs for your adventure!

rpg maker mob character pack unity vol1

All customers who purchase RPG Maker Unite from the Unity Asset Store will be able to download the DLC asset MZ Character Pack vol. 1 as a free upgrade.

rpg maker mz character pack unity vol1

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