Brown Dust 2 Launches Globally in June; Pre-Registration Opens Now


Brown Dust 2 held its online showcase on May 10, revealing a bunch of information about the game’s stories, features, combat, and of course opening up the game for pre-registration and its June release date!

The game’s pre-registration is currently live now for iOS and Android devices, though the iOS link currently redirects to its Play Store page. The game has both a pre-registration goal, and rewards for pre-registering yourself, and for joining the game’s Discord server, with pulls, and high-rarity character exchange tickets available on the launch!

The developers also revealed that the game will be having a final beta test on June 8 with beta tester recruitment starting on May 17 to May 31, and the winners of that recruitment will be announced on June 2. More details about Brown Dust 2’s coming beta will be announced on the game’s social media.

Brown Dust 2 Pre Register Now 0

Brown Dust 2 Special PV and Online Showcase

Brown Dust 2 Pre-Registration Rewards

The game is now available for pre-registration, with a ton of goodies granted to players that now only pre-register, but help the game reach its 2,000,000 player goal!

Pre-Registration rewards are split into several parts. First, you can pre-register for the game through its App Store and Play Store store pages to receive 800 Diamonds and 2 Draw Tickets, and if you then join the game’s official Discord server, you can double that reward totaling 1600 diamonds and 4 Draw tickets!

Brown Dust 2 Pre registration Rewards 2

Next, the game is also having a pre-registration goal campaign, requiring up to 2,000,000 players. If the maximum goal is reached, all players can get 2 more draw tickets, two 4-Star Character Exchange tickets, and a 5-Star Character Exchange ticket when the game launches!

Brown Dust 2 Pre Registration Rewards 3

Lastly, the game is also having a pre-registration support event, in which if you follow the game’s social media and refer the game to your friends, you’ll be given up to 400 more diamonds, and 5 Draw tickets for your support.

Brown Dust 2 Pre registration Rewards 1

Brown Dust 2 Gameplay

Brown Dust 2 is a turn-based strategy RPG and sequel to the original Brown Dust, featuring high-fidelity graphics and multiple story branches, and completely unique worlds. The game has you controlling a group of your own mercenaries and heroes, battling it out against foes along a grid executing attacks with multiple properties and elemental types.

On the game’s launch, the game features four-story and world types, titled Knight of Blood, Jaydens: Gate, Firechip, and Beauty Impossible, each centered around completely different themes and characters, bringing a variety of stories and worlds to life.

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 04

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 05

You’ll be able to roam around these environments as the main characters, interacting in a story that plays out with in-game animations and cutscenes as you talk to its inhabitants, solve problems and of course fight enemies.

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 06

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 07

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 08

Each story is labeled as story packs akin to inserting new game cartridges into a console and has its own unique BGM and style to further differentiate the stories and worlds. The game will be playable in both Landscape and Vertical mods, and you can switch between either control scheme at any time, catering the experience to your preferred method of play.

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 09

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 014

The game also recently revamped its combat presentation by rotating the camera, creating a more dynamic combat field and giving you a better look at your character’s faces and actions as they battle, rather than staring at their backs.

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 010

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 011

As you battle enemies you can perform different attacks, and chain them together for massive damage. Take advantage of your character’s attack ranges, buff types, and other effects to quickly overwhelm your opponents in a flurry of explosions and magic!

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 012

Brown Dust 2 Online Showcase Gameplay 013

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