Eevee Festival Heading to Pokémon Unite! Leafeon and Umbreon Join the Fray!


Pokémon Company International announced that the Eevee Festival—a spotlight on the Evolution Pokémon Eevee, will be held soon on Pokémon Unite! Trainers can look forward to an exciting new type of quick battle, the in-game arrival of the Eevee Evolutions Umbreon and Leafeon, the 16th season of the Battle Pass, and more.

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Pokémon Unite Eevee Appeal-o-rama

From May 24 to June 20, the Eevee Appeal-o-rama will be held, featuring the 4-on-4 Ee-v-Ee battle, a Unite battle full of Eevees! In this special event, only Eevee can participate in this battle as you join the wild Eevee scattered all over the map. Gigantamax Eevee will also make an appearance!

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Players can also obtain prizes, such as Unite license puzzle pieces, which can be used to unlock the Unite license for Espeon, Glaceon, or Sylveon once 10 puzzle pieces are obtained. 

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Adorable matching Holowear for these Eevee Evolutions is also available in-game. Below is the schedule for the costumes:

  • Checkered Style: Glaceon – May 11
  • Checkered Style: Espeon – May 18
  • Checkered Style: Sylveon – May 25
  • Checkered Style: Umbreon – May 25
  • Checkered Style: Leafeon – June 8
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Leafeon and Umbreon Join the Fray

To celebrate the Eevee Festival, Umbreon will join the fray of Pokémon Unite on May 25, and Leafeon will join on June 8. Enjoy the Eevee Festival along with these newly added Evolutions! Additionally, Trainers can look forward to Inteleon also joining the roster at a later date!

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Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 16

Season 16 of the Battle Pass will be available from June 11, at 5:00 p.m. PDT to July 20, at 4:59 p.m. PDT! This time, Trainers can get Aristocrat Style: Mr. Mime and Knight Style: Scizor Holowear, along with Knight Style Trainer fashion items from this season’s Premium Pass. 

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Pokémon Unite Pikachu Fest Returns!

Pikachu is all over the place! Last year’s very popular “Everybody Pikachu Pika-Pika Fest” will be held again this year! Let’s have a Pikachu-filled Unite battle with all sorts of different Pikachu!

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