World Flipper JP No Longer Receives Story Updates from June 2023


Cygames announced that the Japanese version of World Flipper will have a major change to its development and operation structure going forward. From June 2023, game updates will not be as frequent as before, though it doesn’t mean that the game is ending service in no time.

Also, the main story of World Flipper will conclude in Chapter 12, which will be updated within this month. And the last story events will be updated on May 31.

The addition of characters and equipment items will continue, but character additions will be reduced to two to four per month starting in June, and character voices will be omitted from episodic conversations. As for the addition of equipment items through events, one item will be added every month or two.

Furthermore, other content such as the addition of new bosses, Boss Pickup Events, and Treasure Hunt Events will continue to be held in the future, with Haniwa Carnival and Senjin no Banquet after the next event. A rerun of the previous events will be held.

In addition, the developers have also detailed the campaigns that will be held to commemorate the 3.5th anniversary of the Japanese version of World Flipper, including free gacha pulls, the final story chapter, and more.

World Flipper 3.5th Year Anniversary Event

■ Chapter 12: Time of Farewell
The final story chapter, Time of Farewell, will be added as a two-parter on May 15 (for part 1) and May 22 (for part 2).

■ Share your Memories on Social Media!
From May 22 to May 30, 2023, a special campaign where you can share your favorite no-spoiler moment from the main story will occur! More details will be revealed at a later date.

■ 3.5th Year Anniversary Once-per-Day Free Tenfold Gacha!
A Once-per-Day Free Tenfold Gacha! will be held from May 31 to June 15. Players who login every day can get a free tenfold every day.

■ 3.5th Year Anniversary Special Present
A special gift of 6000 Star Orbs will be given to all players who login from May 31, 2023!

■ 3.5th Year Anniversary Gacha
The 3.5th Anniversary Comet Festival Gacha will be held from May 31 to June 8! The 5-star rate for this gacha is x1.5!

■ 3.5th Year Anniversary Story Event “Ceremony”
The Ceremony anniversary event will be held from May 31 to June 16, and will feature special characters! More details will be revealed at a later date.

■ World Flipper 3.5th Year Anniversary Trading Post
From May 31, a trading post with limited-time characters will open! A special gift will also be given to all players that let them exchange for their character of choice!

■ 3.5th Year Anniversary Missions
Many anniversary missions will appear, giving tickets and Orbs! Don’t miss out! More details about the mission contents will be revealed on May 31.

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