A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest x Nier Collab Returns on May 21


During the live broadcast for the A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest mobile game, Square Enix announced that the double collaboration with NieR Automata and NieR Replicant will be returning on May 21, 2023.

A gacha rerun featuring limited characters in special Nier costumes will be available in this collaboration, together with a fully voiced event story inspired by the world of the NieR series.

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A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest x Nier Gacha

In the A Certain Pseudo-World gacha, a new collaboration limited edition ★3 Super [YorHa No.2 Type B] Othinus will be released! This battle character will have higher attributes and awakening abilities than usual!

Furthermore, [YorHa No.2 Type B] Mikoto Misaka. [YorHa No.2 Type B] Konori Mii, and [YorHa No.2 Type A] Othinus will also be available through the gacha banner!

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That’s not all, however, as there will also be a Version Replicant of this gacha, featuring the collab ★3 [Kainé] Oriana Thomson, and the ★3 assist characters [Nier Accelerator] and [Yona Last Order]!

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Lastly, a Paid Gacha of both the Automata and Replicant gachas will be available. Each player can only pull once, and the gacha will guarantee you a collab character.

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A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest x Nier Story Event

From May 21, The Pseudo-World of a Certain Game story scenario event will return! By advancing through the event quests of the scenario event, you will be able to enjoy an exclusive event story. The event story is inspired by the world of the NieR series, and is fully voiced to commemorate the collaboration!

This is a great opportunity for those who love the NieR series as well as those who are just starting to enjoy the series to enjoy the two franchises together! Please note that if you participated in the May 2021 version of this event, save progress won’t carry over. And in addition, some rewards may have changed when compared to before for balancing purposes.

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A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest x Nier Login Bonus

Two login bonuses will be held from May 21. The first of them will give 100 Froggy Stones each day, for a total of 1000! Don’t forget to login every day!

certain magical index imaginary fest mar0203 login

Furthermore, by logging in during the collab period, you can get [Emile] Index’s Awakening Crystal x145!

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A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest x Nier Event

A special Formidable Enemies reprint will be held from May 21! This event is perfect for testing the skills of the characters you have developed so far! Please take up the challenge against Kainé Oriana Thomson!

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A Certain Playing Park Step-Up Gacha

Aside from the NieR collaboration, the “A Certain Playing Park” Step-Up Gacha will be available from May 16 to May 24!

With higher attributes and awakening ability, the new limited-time-only ★3 battle character [Super [Mood Upbeat] Misaka Imouto] is now available!

In addition, a new limited time only ★3 Battle Character with awakening ability,[Unaccustomed Peace] Accelerator, and ★3 Assist Characters, [Gekota Hoodie] Last Order will also be available!


In addition, a paid Froggy Stone version of this gacha will also be available, which guarantees you one of the characters!

A Certain Playing Park Story Event

From May 16, after the end of maintenance, the A Certain Contested Amusement Park Privilege raid event will be held!

You can obtain [Unaccustomed Guardian] Shiage Hamazura as an event-only assist character!


A Certain Magical Index New Story Chapter!

Chapter 17 – Attack of Acqua of the Back, will be added to the main story of the game! Enjoy playing through the cutscenes!

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A Certain Magical Index Shop Additions

Super [Sniper Pro] Sunazara: Awakening Crystal of Precision will be added to the in-game Grade Shop. If you collect enough Grade Coins, you can uncap him as a ★6!

A Certain Magical Index Popularity Contest

Who is the most popular Magical Index character? Starting from June 1, all the way to July 5, a special popularity poll will be held! This poll will be divided into three factions: Magical, Index, and Special, and the top winning character will be specially made into an assist character with a new outfit! Below are the schedules for the voting:

Magical Side: June 1 – June 16
Index Side: June 16 – July 1
Special Side: July 1 – July 5

To vote, players will have to clear special stamina-spending missions. These will grant you tickets for each category. By using those tickets you can then use to vote! But be careful: You can’t change your vote afterward!


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