Mobile Party Game Eggy Party Gets Worldwide Release


NetEase Games announced during the NetEase Connect 2023 online presentation that it is bringing the mobile party game Eggy Party worldwide after soft launching in the Philippines. Although a specific date was not announced, a new trailer was revealed for the announcement.

New Trailer - Eggy PartyNew Trailer – Eggy Party

In Eggy Party, players transform into adorable creatures called Eggies and participate in various challenging mini-games. These include Duck Egg, where players must avoid massive eggs barrelling towards them, leading to a fast-paced and exciting competition. As the rounds progress, the pool of players narrows, culminating in an exciting final showdown.

One of the distinctive features is the Eggy Workshop, which allows players to create and share their own user-generated maps filled with unique events and hazards. This feature fosters creativity and provides endless possibilities for fun and personalized gameplay.

The gameplay undoubtedly reminds of the highly successful Fall Guys. But as Eggy Party is designed for mobile devices, the control scheme was said to be optimized to suit the devices in your hands.

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Eggy Party NetEase Connect 2023 Presentation

NetEase Connect 2023 | Eggy PartyNetEase Connect 2023 | Eggy Party

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