Bishōjo RPG Twinkle Star Knights Now Available for Pre-Registration on DMM Games


Exnoa has opened the pre-registration for its upcoming Bishōjo RPG Twinkle Star Knights on its online game platform DMM Games. The project is supervised and planned by game artist Rei Kannagi from Creative Team Kuma-san.

Twinkle Star Knights is a battle RPG based on the Japanese visual novel Twinkle Crusaders developed by Lillian and released in September 2008. The game is set in a world threatened by a catastrophe known as Recreate, and the threat of monsters that have risen at the same time. The protagonist, Hinomiya Clot, transfers to Shinsei Academy, an institution aimed at training Star Knights to counteract Recreate.

The launch of the pre-registration phase is celebrated with the release of the opening PV featuring the game’s main theme song “The Light of Darkness” by Japanese synthpop group fripSide.

QooApp Twinkle Star Knights 00

Twinkle Star Knights PV

Twinkle Star Knights Story & Worldview

Set in a world trembling in fear of a calamitous disaster known as the Recreate, and the sudden emergence of menacing monsters. In response to this crisis, the state and Ryusei Shikoku collaborate to establish two academies, Ryusei Academy and Shinsei Academy. These institutions are designed to train Star Knights, who are hoped to counteract Recreate.

QooApp Twinkle Star Knights 03

QooApp Twinkle Star Knights 04

The protagonist, Hinomiya Clot, is a second-year student who transfers to Shinsei Academy with the aim of becoming a Star Knight. On his first day, he is informed by Venus Kujō, the president of the Star Knights, that he is destined to become the next president and the Demon King, fated to save the world.

Confused but moved by Venus’s earnest appeal, Hinomiya decides to participate in a formal match for the presidency. Winning the match, Hinomiya inherits the position of president of the Star Knights. The story then unfolds as Hinomiya leads his Star Knights in a battle to save the world, aiming to become the Demon King.

QooApp Twinkle Star Knights 05

QooApp Twinkle Star Knights 06

Twinkle Star Knights Pre-Registration Rewards

Players can now pre-register Twinkle Star Knights on the official website. Depending on the total number of pre-registrants and individual spins as well as the total number of spins in the pre-registration gacha, players can earn up to 10,000 Star Jewels.

Moreover, as part of the individual spin rewards, a total of 1 million DMM points will be awarded by lottery to 500 lucky participants who can win a DMM Point Lottery Ticket. The lottery draw and the allocation of points to the winners are planned to take place after the game’s release.

QooApp Twinkle Star Knights 02

Pre-Registration Gacha

During the pre-registration period, a special gacha is being held, allowing participants to try their luck up to 20 times per day for free. Any character won in the gacha can be kept and will be available upon service launch. So, be sure to take advantage of the gacha and try your luck as many times as you can!

QooApp Twinkle Star Knights 01

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